1 Year Anniversary of My Ex-JW Activism Channel & Why I’m Still Making Videos

This is the one year anniversary of my activism channel against the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses organization.

Activism against Jehovah’s Witnesses. Activism against the Watchtower. Living Now first-year anniversary.

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  • Happy Anniversary. Great Videos. I'm glad I never joined the Watchtower 'Society, though I was influenced by it as a youth having a bible study with JW's on and off. However I never suspected or even knew of the concept of Cults, Deception, Mind Control and Manipulation etc (naïve youth) at the time. Good to see, so many former JW's on The Internet.

  • Thank you S… It is anything but, love ! I am kind of lucky that my brother left the cult 5 years before me…I had to shun him… As soon as I came out…He was so happy that I woke-up. It was before internet, etc…
    The good persons in jw's are leaving the cult more than ever…!
    I hope you will stay on the web for a long time… What I mean by that is : you will stay after your brother wake-up !!! Lot of love to you ! You are such a strong woman…

  • Disfellowshipping is emotional blackmail. It does make you want to come back so that you can regain your family and community. That is more important than rectifying your sin. It is like you are drowning and proverbially gasping for air… air a.k.a love. Not from Jehovah but from everything you've ever known. .. then AFTER you've done that and get reinstated you are able to worry about abstract things.. like God.. OR you can can just let yourself die to the JW cult and start developing a relationship with God without that stress. Disfellowshipping is a loving arrangement, but not for the reason they claim it is

  • I don't understand why are people asking an ex-Jehovah witness why you make videos when are they hearing the reason on the videos it self? I feel for you because I lost all my relatives who are Jehovah witnesses and near me. unfortunately theirs only two ways to choose in the JW cult. there is no neutral way. you lost a brother but you helping other people. this should give you some satisfaction for continuing to make videos.
    yes, this is not easy to go through. for a loose of the only flesh relative.

  • Brilliant-Love your channel.I really enjoyed "my story" video and "Jw's and illness" is excellent. Actually what's great about your activism is I've used different idea's you've mentioned to help other's who are half awake.You know what's interesting is right before I left they gave a "real life" experience of a person who had been disfellowshipped.So he said how grateful he was to be shunned for 17 years by his family because if they had contact with him that would have been enough to satisfy him and that because his family was loyal to Jehovah that helped him comeback.I wanna laugh,but think about how assbackwords that is!Lets just assume that the WT version is accurate of his experience.I mean that is so dysfunctional on so many levels,that's like thanking someone for being raped.Are you kidding me, shunning is such a hateful policy it's the equivalent of a modern day stoning.But it just shows the very conditional nature of the society as a whole,how could anyone with an ounce of self esteem put up with that,Congratulation's on your 1st year's work and look forward to your next post-Love and best wishes!

  • Does she not know that Jesus was a Jehovah's fitness?     Isaiah 43:10  .You are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that you may know and have faith in me, and that you may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed,

  • Happy 1st anniversary! I only discovered your channel a few months ago and enjoyed your videos! So sorry to hear about your brother, his religion is his problem, but he had absolutely no right to keep you in the dark about your mothers passing! That is what many witnesses I used to know did when it came to family members passing. They acted like judges and God. I heard that JW's are not very popular in France, that they are not recognized as a religion by the French government am I right? I lived as a JW in Spain and I remember that we helped the brothers and sisters in France a lot. Again congratulations and looking forward to more of your great videos!

  • Great Channel, sorry about taking up valuable space responding to a Watchtower Recruit. I think he is just counting time. It's obvious all he has ever done is read Watchtowers. Depressing stuff. For him, but not me!

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