14 year old Rachel Parent picks fight with bully TV host – and WINS!

14 year old Rachel Parent debates Kevin O’Leary on the issue of Genetically Modified Food
Please visit Rachel’s website, “Kids’ Right to Know”:
O’Leary knocks himself out:
Rachel’s challenge to O’Leary:
Rachel addresses Monsanto directly at their shareholder meeting:

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  • wow can you feel the jews burning lol amazing a little kid can destroy a billionair jew ,,its awesome ..a case study in his own home lol jews are retarded

  • wow can you feel the jews burning lol amazing a little kid can destroy a billionair jew ,,its awesome ..a case study in his own home lol jews are retarded

  • Monsanto has now been exposed paying people to comment in their favor on here. O'Leary is just a misguided talking head with a disappointing daughter.

  • O'Leary you friggin stink as a talk show host. you fail totally. nice try at attempts to create categorical denials / rejections on the part of this 14 year old and what she has said. you should be eaten by sharks. very slowly

  • They haven't figured out how to cure cancer so not only should we stop the research but CONDEMN it! – anti gmo activist

  • his argument that they would feed the poor with gmo food, given the famine in nigeria and yemen right now, he is so full of shit.

  • SHES AGAINST GMO. She said it. GMOs produce more on less land. Gives us some more time before we're completely overpopulated.

  • i dont get why everyone is upset with him. he never even raised his voice, he kept calm. it was a proper debate imo. why cause shes a 14 year old girl its unfair or something?

  • Damn Kevin are you a lobbyist for monsesto or whatever!? And the girl is mainly saying "we should have the right to know" meaning labels and info. Not that fucking hard. This girl whipped his ass

  • ''2 crooks on Monsanto payroll against a courageous girl who know more than them'' I would have put that title instead.

  • I think the title of the video is a bit exaggerated. Kevin seemed pretty polite to me, I wouldn't call him a bully.

  • Just do a Google search on the history of Monsanto, but have the sense to not use a gov't site or one owned by Monsanto. They never increase crop yield, but they sure claim too. They started out in poisons and they are still in that business. You have to be a real imbecil to think a company like that should have anything to do with our food. Their pesticides have been found in fetuses, so you don't think it's in us too? Any testing they do is 90 days and it's done by them! You can't see conflict of interest there? Look up revolving door, Monsanto, FDA. They have been killing people, caught at it, supposed to pay restitution, and they get out of it. Their seeds take over and pollute natural crops and they freely admit this. They are loaded with poisonous pesticides which kills all good bacteria in the soil, along with birds, bees, and fish. Look at studies done overseas and you will see why those countries ban their products. Time after time they know how dangerous their products are, it becomes public, and they go right on doing it. They are destroying our health and they are destroying the planet and it's all for money.

  • And this uninformed dude who calls himself a journalist thinks or rather perhaps pretends Monsanto and the like are in it to help feed the poor of the world. Profit, exclusive control of the world's food supply is the goal and to hell with the small farmer or agricultural enterprises that are not huge multinational companies. He is also a bully. And she is just asking for it to be LABELED, for heaven's sake. A shill for a group, what a jerk he is to accuse this girl of being a shill for a group. O'Leary is a SHILL for Monsanto and GMO companies!!!!

  • " and when you start to see the evidence on the other side …" as you become older and wiser, says the guy who can't even consider, much less SEE any of the evidence and the side of the issue the well informed and articulate girl is presenting!

  • Rachel: "Actually, funny you mention this because Golden Rice was scrapped because it didn't work."

  • O'Leary and other news casters ARE shills for Monsanto and other corporations. Yet he tells Rachel Parent that she runs the risk of becoming a shill for groups opposed to GMO foods. The argument that labeling foods as GMO would cause people to ignore the labels because there are so many of them, coming out of an adult's mouth is off the charts ignorant. We have the right to know what we are eating. Laws in America are too lax favoring corporate interests over everything including public safety and health. Europe for the most part has better laws in place. We need better laws here following the European model.

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