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The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we
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The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions.

The daily self Task to place yourself in writing in a structured way will in time be your proven sanity, trust , honesty and consistency that transcend all ego. All the structure must show is your dedication to what is best for all life and the confirmation through cross-referenced feedback that you are in fact living this commitment breath by breath into being as you as life. This will support you effectively when you get to the point of no return called death and you are measured to see if you are in fact life and worthy to be recognized as life.

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  • @OooHesGood Hello, no one spoke about standing with signs, that's rather retarded. Listen again carefully on what we are actually proposing here. Fighting for something means you've already lost your ability to simply stand as that point of change – we simply have to propose the solution not fight for it and create further violence which is the stepping stone for Wars. It doesn't have to go 'down', that's masochism that can be stopped if agreed upon it.

  • @MarlenLife Propose all the solutions you want… the big government and military will not just listen to you! You understand?? Again, life has its ups and down, like the waves of an ocean and the graph charts. Countries are no different, and I can tell you now America is soon to realize this truth as well. America is going down hill and unless you can reverse time they must finish going downhill before they can start climbing a new hill to go up… Some times fighting is the only step to take!

  • You are wrong a few times here… 01:16 "take revenge" its not about revenge its about balance, justice, and what is fair… 01:45 "arent considering the whole" Who are you to say they are not considering everyone and they way the "whole" world should work or be FREE, they are fighting for beliefs!… 02:25 "human being seeks power" No, speak for yourself. I seek fairness for all as Jesus did. Not power and money… 03:30 "whole is not considered" I consider THE WHOLE needs U.S Gov. taken down!

  • 05:11 … "We have to do it within the system. The more you oppose the system the more that you disimpower yourself actually. Its like swimming against the tide, its futile, and it only creates all these pointless battles." … So do it within the system and essentially accept the system? The system is made to hold you down, you can not beat the system by using it!!! When you oppose the system you give yourself power, not reverse!!! POINTLESS BATTLES? How is fighting for you BELIEFS pointless???

  • @OooHesGood Why don't you create your own video with what you see and consider as activism and how you live it instead of trying to refute the perspective given here – how does that sound?
    If you seek fairness as Equality then – that doesn't only consider 'the us government being down' – what's your proposal then?

  • @OooHesGood How is dying in the battle for your so-called "beliefs" and causing others to die o be harmed as well not actually pointless and abusive in nature? You've got to consider yourself outside of the box that is your mind wherein You are only considering 'your way' of "overcoming the system" without presenting a viable way to create a change that's best for all through pacific means. We stand for a change through democratic means – majority will vote what's best for ALL =$4ALL

  • @OooHesGood lol we're not aiming at the military/government that'd be rather pointless in fact, we are directing this to people like you that are at least realizing that there is something flawed within this system and that a correction and reform to it must be done.The 'ups and downs' are system-wise NOT Life- Life shouldn't be a struggle, this current system is a fallacy and thus it can be reformed as a new system in Equality. No need to FIGHT to take any step: Take Self Responsibility instead

  • @MarlenLife You say, and I quote… "If you seek fairness as Equality then – that doesn't only consider 'the us government being down' "… I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. I was running out of characters but what I was trying to say was, the U.S Government has a lot of influence over the world and they oppress more than just the American people. If the WORLD wants real change a BIG BIG help would be the U.S government being overthrown by its people. I am considering the world!

  • @OooHesGood No need to 'overthrow' that which is inherently unsustainable and ready to crumble by its own unsustainable structure – that's quite clear to see – therefore, we require to implement a system that will be placed when this actually goes down – we're already seeing how unsustainable it is: no money and no resources, how is life then possible with those condition? We've got to place the solution so that people can vote on it and thus actually create the change once the 'old' is gone

  • @MarlenLife What do you not understand… You can not take down a system like American government from the inside or by using the system.. The system was MADE to oppress and KEEP PEOPLE DOWN… You must fight the system if its broke…

  • @MarlenLife "How is dying in the battle for your so-called "beliefs" and causing others to die o be harmed as well not actually pointless and abusive in nature?"… Its not pointless because the POINT is what your fighting for. I would give my life if I could change the world. WOULD YOU? Would you give my life? … Answer those 2 questions… Would you give your life to change the world? and Would you give my life to change the world?

  • @MarlenLife I agree with this certain comment I am replying to… "No need to 'overthrow' that which is inherently unsustainable and ready to crumble by its own unsustainable structure – that's quite clear to see – therefore, we require to implement a system that will be placed when this actually goes down"… However not all systems will crumble before the systems hurt its people. Sometimes you can not just sit around and wait…

  • @OooHesGood Not sitting around and waiting, but rather spending the time and necessary research to create a solution that will stand whenever we are ready to propose it

  • @OooHesGood This is it – won't be replying any longer – this is our posture, this is what we stand for, we won't agree with 'fighting being the way' – you're either part of the solution or part of the problem – no need to debate further

  • @OooHesGood I rather LIVE my Life every single day dedicating it to a Solution and supporting myself as well as others in the ability that I am able to do so rather than going fighting, creating wars, harming OTHER PEOPLE that are also myself with the sole idea of 'fighting for changing the world' – that's rather obnoxious. IT's life that matters, not dying in a battle to live – case closed. We Don't Support WAR

  • @MarlenLife I read more about what you are talking about on EqualMoney dot O R G and I must say, I like the idea. I was having a hard time understanding what you were trying to say in your video. Reading it was easier for me… I would die for this cause =)… I know, I know, no one has to die, but believe me, if you want to institute this principle in certain places, the "old" powers in control will fight to the death. You will need soldiers believe it or not lol… I LOVE the idea in fact…

  • My only questions… Lets say the plan has been in place for a few yeas or whatever.. and then there is a bad seed, he steals things, and he wants more than his money can buy him… How is he and others like him taken care of and how is this prevented… You must also be realistic and know that there will always be bad people…

  • @OooHesGood 'Bad people' can be anyone of us that's currently supporting the system that creates or pushes for the creation of 'bad people/criminals' due to not being equally supported – many things will change within the Equality System. Though if people still want more, they'll get support and be evaluated to see if they are actually willing to give up their greed and stand in Equality with the rest, if they can't, then it'll be dealt with in another way – we don't have such details in place

  • @MarlenLife Well I think you really need to get details in place for things like that before you can go any further… Dealing with murders and robbers is a pretty big issue… What if two men get into an argument over something and one kills the other, how will he be handled… You need to be REAL, there will always be people who kill and steal, not because they need to for money, but because they are mentally unstable!!!

  • As well, I asked this to someone else on their equal money video, Im not sure if that is also you … but… Why does the EqualMoney dot O R G have a VISA card link asking for real money? I feel like it will detour people away thinking its a scam… A site that claims to drop the current system of money, yet it asks for your money.. I am confused…

  • @OooHesGood IT's not 'asking for your money' – if you actually go through the website and understand how we function and you're willing to support the implementation of this system and the current work we're doing, you simply donate as a means of voluntary-support – it is obviously not a requirement but a self-willed action once you realize that money is also necessary to continue functioning in this world for now – once there is Equal Money there'll be no need for that. So that's why.

  • @OooHesGood That would obviously be handled as in secluding the person from the rest of society until he's assessed to see if he can remain amongst others or not – that's obvious yet we're not focusing on such points because we are first walking the individual process of realizing Equality as ourselves, that in essence must be understood that by you harming another you are harming yourself. Simple principle of equality in action that must be first understood to educate ourselves

  • Cool points Marlen – "Fighting" against the system in demon-strating, rioting, terror etc. is only giving our actual power away to anger and hate… validating the current structures of control and our system of abuse.
    Activism against something is no solution – Activating ourselves to stand and express as ONE VOICE for/as EQUALITY as LIVE

  • I'm a little confused.. Are you not practicing activism by making videos and trying to sell an 'equal money system', as a replacement to the current system? I would consider you to be an activist.

  • @mccoya2 Nope, this is not 'activism' as its generally understood going to protests and fighting 'against the system' – we are practivists. We apply/live the words we speak, we work with ourselves first as we understand we have to first be the change that we want to see in the world.
    Activism is Futirel, Resistance is Futile, Fighting is Futile – Only the Equal consideration of Life as who we are is the practical way of supporting each other as one.

  • @MarlenLife Activism is not 'generally understood as going to protest and fighting against the system'. Activism is simply the action of campaigning to bring about social change. This is exactly what you are doing. You are trying to bring about social change. Otherwise you wouldnt bother creating videos, trying to sell equal money etc.. You are an activist! I don't necessarily disagree with your main points. Fighting is futile, I agree. I just think your use of the word 'activism' is misplaced.

  • @mccoya2 Practivism is the actions/campaign placed into practical living/ self-application – if you investigate who we are, what we do and how we live and share, you'll understand how we're definitely not "Activists" as we're not 'campaigning' nor are we trying to 'Sell' something, but simply sharing the common sense realizations that we've walked and lived within a process of Self Honesty – If you want to get the broad picture of this, visit the links on the description info.

  • @whotheme Watch the passive resistance is futile video, you'll get a bit more on this point. I don't need to 'suffer' to talk about this, that'd be rather stupid and disregarding the oneness and equality FACT in this world, I don't require rationality to address the problems in this world which merely require to be described and placed into perspective within an Equality starting point. Reasoning is useless yes, this is certainly Not reasoning.

  • @whotheme That is certainly so – if you watch more videos here you'll see that I'm definitely not talking about equality being a reality – at all. Suggest you hear again and we can then be on equal understanding within this. Though Equality is NOT an ideal either, it is who we are and that's what we must create as an actual living-system that isn't currently existent – hence the Equal Money System solution. Competition, ego and greed must be debunked before we can move within one equality

  • @whotheme It is a fact that we cannot see within our current frame of minds yet it is common sense we all exist in the same world, same reality, all living beings which create a whole therefore all made of and existing as equality. It is a fact yet not lived or considered within the current system. So- it's both a fact as the actual living substance everything is made of as Equal yet not existent in our current reality as a system that cares/considers all equally. This is the principle of life

  • @whotheme How can Equality and talkinga bout establishing a system that supports all living beings equally be 'misleading' or 'nonsense' – how could not regarding this entire world as yourself support you in realizing that YOU then must be that point of change you want to see in the world. The problem is human, we've created this system hence unless you understand how you exist as individual co-creating this reality, you'll see outside of yourself for a change and not within.

  • @whotheme (2) There is obviously NO experience whatsoever from anyone to live in a world that exists in actual living Equality within a living-system that considers all equally. That's how it seems so 'close to none' for many that can't realize how we've all been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that we were meant to strive for a living. That is not so and this current make believe system must be stopped to create a new one based on Life In Equality. Do proper research: Equal Money.Thanks

  • @whotheme Yes I have though I have no clue how you want to connect such point to this. We don't support any form of charity mongers either.

  • @whotheme overpopulation is happening already whether you have equal money or NOT therefore I have no answer for that because we haven't even solved that in the current system. My perspective is there's obviously lack of education and many that live in extreme poverty have more kinds that your average middle class. This also places into perspective what determines birth rate: money or the lack of it which implies lack of education and means for birth control –

  • @whotheme Why do you only focus on one single aspect that hasn't even been sorted out yet instead of looking HOW your life would change just by being unconditionally supported. Ponder that. Won't answer any further questions until you get the big picture of this.

  • @whotheme There is no such thing as evolution nor are we the ones trying to rush things up. The system's collapsing so we require to have a feasible solution on time. There's still a long way to go definitely and this can do no harm at all, that can only be done by yourself and we endorse self responsibility – so no ways to try and beat around the bush here.

  • @whotheme lol you should seriously research Desteni, that's HOW we got to the Equal money system solution – there is no god, you're on your own now be self honest and create equal money for all. Watch our videos – later.

  • My fav ster trek line is ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VUlCAN MIND, with my second lfav being RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

  • @enumerado9 French revolutionists have remained as an 'example' of revolutions that made no difference to the world. Where is your 'Liberty and Justice' in this world? Where are your basic citizen guarantees nowadays wherein more than half of the world is starving and the rest is enslaved within an economic system wherein if you don't have money = you die? No revolution has created a change to support all beings in this world, hence they have all been futile.

  • @toogawnjawn You can watch the following video as well: 2011 The Zeitgeist Movement: Resistance is Futile watch?v=WBbXf-bMxvw

  • @MarlenLife I think there's a big difference between the rights now and then… I understand that you are for a democratic transition to a new order? I’m for that too, but without activism we wouldn’t have minorities votes (womens, ignored ethnic groups, among others) or a “better/bad system”. As long as there is democracy there will be choice, hence this conception of a unified and global thinking sounds to me utterly wrong.

  • @enumerado9 "without activism we wouldn’t have minorities votes (womens, ignored ethnic groups, among others) or a “better/bad system" Right now they are deemed 'minority' due to the dispositions that currently exist within this current system. One man, one vote = majority wins – the majority would certainly vote to implement a system that works for everyone equally. The unification goes beyond 'thinking' only, it's about the realization of who we are as one and equal = life on Earth in Equality

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