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Without any specific tool, no one can do the task successfully. A flange spreader is a tool to repair the pipes in an easier way. With the help of this tool, many difficult tasks become easier. Most of the industries are using this tool for their job. The three types of industries that benefit by a flange spreader.

Plumbing Services

In plumbing services, flange spreader is used to open a specific bolt hole, change gaskets etc. It is frequently used in plumbing and water industry. As, this is an easy tool to easily remove any valves, spools, joint, disks etc. flange spreader is useful for the plumber when valve changes in water tanks.  Without the use of this tool, the procedure of replacement or removing valves can’t work I water storage tanks.

Oil and Gas

On gas or oil pipelines, after sometimes, new gaskets are required and without flange spreader, this could not happen. Removing gaskets is a difficult task and only flange spreader can do this an easy and simple. It does not help to clean the joint but also install new gaskets.

Emergency Response

other industries where flange spreaders are useful are emergency personnel. Most of the firefighters, medics and police officers can use flange spreader in order to open the damaged doors of a car, engine or trunks in a safer way.



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