Active fire while giving humanitarian aid to ALL the residents of Kominternove

Please watch: “Ukraine War: DPR & LPR Tank Battle Competition Day 1”


(ENG SUBS) We have distributed 190 bags of food to All the residents of wartorn Active Kominternove and aswell some residents in neighboring Octobre. Thanks to all who donated especially Spendenaktionen für Novorossia & Eric Kraus
This is made possible by our friend Eric Kraus pledging to match donation if we are able to raise 2000$.
We have many distributions in the works, please be apart of it with us.
Donations, and a little will, is all it takes to make a real impact on peoples lives here.
I ask you all to please donate, now is the time.
You can donate via credit card in the link below or via Paypal to address
[email protected], to Sberbank Russia Card number 4276 8801 9017 1656 All being donated will count towards our goal

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