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  • I agree with ur analysis but if the tables were turned and say were making 20.00 an hour at the same job, would u feel happier? I make at least that amount, and i work with similiar egos and its driving me crazy to the point where im contemplating to leave and i actually end enjoy my job but some of the ppl are unbearable…at the end of the day we do need more money to satisfy debt and live more comfortably…however the higher u climb up the social ladder the worse the narcissism gets..my question is it worth it?

  • Yes i totally agree thats the problem, the narcissists in particular. I work in a technical field so the behavior is prevalent because people worship technology these days so theres alot of inflated egos, and if you can show ur proficient and can work really well with machines to them it means ur a god..lol… its really pathetic, thanks for the advice..

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