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  • I'm so glad you brought up about that "they love being psycho". They do, because it gives them the advantage over normal, thinking, feeling people. Why would they want to change? They don't feel remorse, guilt, or, in a lot of cases shame. Who wouldn't want that? However, they don't know real happiness, or the feeling of anything… that I certainly wouldn't want.

  • I saw that Dr. Phil show the other day, and I love the way he susses out the real issue behind that child's acting out. Clearly the father was a classic narcissist. The mother? Probably trying to escape him, albeit in not so smart ways (however, when you're with someone like that you'll do just about anything to get away) and the child suffering, and reacting to all their mess. I always say, don't judge and criticize the one who's "acting out" – LOOK at the person, or people, or family they're living with and in – that's where you'll find the real culprit. LOOK at the "perfect one" (aka, narc/psycho) and that will usually be the one causing all the damage.

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