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  • It's so obvious what Obamacare is meant to do; I have strong feelings on that, so that's for another time, or not. LOL. One doesn't need a Ph.D. in economics to see what the incentives of this program are doing, and the problem's it is meant to cause long term (and already short term – red flag?). It's a typical narc/psycho act – first they say, "see? look how I'm helping you," while snickering and saying, "wow, you really fell for that one" as they promote their agenda. Only this time, it truly changes an entire nation, with results that will likely be irreversible.

  • And you're right, most therapist's are incompetent. I'll even add psychiatrist's to that list of ESPECIALLY incompetent. That's why the field of life coaching has opened up, and people are getting real help, from real people, with real experience, and real solutions.  

  • Good stuff! I'm glad data like this is being shared over the web, maybe it'll slow the pervasive cultural machine that blinds us from our potential and grinds us in a perpetual operating system of idiocy and limiting values and beliefs.. I urge you to listen to the lectures or read the books of a man named "Terence McKenna". I think you'll find his wisdom quite as enlightening as I've found much of yours. Look up his video on you tube, "Culture and ideology are not your friends".

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