Activism of Care’s Theories On Multi-Morbid Narcissism

Dr. Phil episodes: 04/26 Beautiful Mother Dead and Dismembered: The Ex-Girlfriend of The Man Accused Speaks Out and

05/23 Sandra And Joey Return: Will Sandra Finally Take The Polygraph And Drug Test?

Stand up against narcissistic personality disorder, abuse of power, abuse of process, abuse of trust, bullying, institutional oppression, institutional racism, ethnocentrism, illegal discrimination, viewpoint discrimination, workplace mobbing, constructive discharge, wrongful termination, negligent supervision, blacklisting, blackballing, gang stalking/cause stalking, conspiracy against rights, abuse by proxy, defamation, eavesdropping, ambient abuse, eugenics, kangaroo courts, selective prosecution, malicious prosecution, vexatious litigation, dog whistle politics, harassment, gaslighting, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, administrative manipulation, undue influence, malicious compliance, fraud, cults, cult mind control, behavior modification, group narcissism, group think, statism, collectivism, authoritarianism, fascist Christianity (Dominionists), astroturf groups, front groups, bait and switch, false advertising, Peter Principle, homophobia, xenophobia, classism, pathological personality disorders (people of the lie), socialized sociopaths, counseling malpractice, toxic parents, Machiavellianism, man-hating feminism, obscurantism, doublespeak, obfuscation, circumlocution, malarkey, loaded questions, thought-terminating cliches, pretexts, conflicts of interest, classism, and more!

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  • The clone thing reminds me of my work! I work a nothing job trying to stay float in this economy, luckily for me I'm the night manager.. but the day shift are toxic wolves going at each other's throats constantly all the while making nice nice with the clientele (its an office environment so its worse) Anyways I know what I am and stuck myself to the nights where I don't have to deal with hardly anyone.. I love your page btw, I am an addict to knowledge and you my friend are full of it 😃

  • One trick ponies, oops! I mean jack asses…one trick jack asses! and their enablers, flying monkeys just plain old ass kissers. Those enablers need to remember that if they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you. Right on again AoC. I missed your episode about leaving the commie work camp, and I am glad to hear that you're not there anymore. Good for you!

  • That deep baritone voice reminds me of Carl from the movie Sling Blade. A great movie by the way, childhood abuse, the shitty psychiatric system, and the good guy doesn't always appear like the stereotypic image.

  • Woww…. this is so spot on. You talk about double talk and downplaying something that hurts or offends you.. YES! I graduated from my program last week and two days ago I had to go into town to run some errands. Well I decided to stop by my grandmother's house. Well while I was there some total stranger knocks on the door and comes in to get 'something for Donald' from my grandmother. She goes in the back and comes back out with a card and hands it to her. She was giving some rando stranger she barely knew a graduation card! Right in front of me! I couldn't help it.. I said "Um I graduated last week." NM even piped in and said it with kind of a laugh.

    Anyway in the car I told NM that was rude of her to give a stranger who no one knew a graduation card and not give me one. NM actually blurted out "YOU DIDN'T TELL HER YOU GRADUATED." To which I replied "Oh she knew, I told her on the phone yesterday."

    NM actually took up for my grandmother. When in the situation she seemed to play my side. I'm just so disgusted by my family.

    N Aunt wants to buy me clothes. I told her I already had some blazers etc. (For my internship) She pauses and then says: "Oh, you won't need those." Um, excuse me? I won't need blazers at work?

    WTF is wrong with these people.

  • WTF…I feel I cannot get away from these sick people. They are everywhere!!! Under the radar!!! People love them! It's insane! I don't even engage in social situations anymore because of this shit. It's epidemic status at this point. …I just start thinking like, WHY me?? Why have I repeatedly been a target for cluster b freaks literally since birth? It seems like they take ONE look at me and think, yup, I'm going to ruin her life, make her commit suicide. WHY!? It's unfathomably terrifying…the extent to which one person in particular fucked with my mind, my heart, and my life….I feel like I will never recover.

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