Adapting to climate change

Bangladesh is highly susceptible to climate change. Floods, cyclones and droughts are likely to increase as the Earth warms. Poor farmers are already trying to adapt

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  • Unsubscribed today! Goodbye The Economist! Thanks for all the liberal elitism smugness while pushing egalitarianism and climate-alarmism .

  • Hey @kingbryananthony! Just found another idiot that thinks he is making an intellectual comment but in actual fact is just a conservative, egocentric anti – science self-denial maniac on the loose

    Keep your misery irrational bullcrap to yourself. The Economist is just voicing out the true colours of climate change denial, the consequences are too unnerving to be ignore, if you're still buckled up in the climate change- denial Donald Trump backseat, watch out cause the car's about to crash real hard with 'Reality' truck in the not too distant future.

    Lastly, your comment is stupid as hell.

  • So they put some guy on camera to tell us that it used to be sunny, and now it rains… Big surprise, seasons change, climate changes, it has been doing this for millennia. Lakes dry up, new ones are formed, not every summer and winter will always be the same; it doesn't automatically mean the earth is coming to an end.

    And the solution? Climate tax LOL, what a joke.

  • You have headache's = climate change
    You have a diarrhea = climate change
    You can't pay your monthly Bill's = climate change
    Don't want to have sex= climate change
    Wars around the world= climate change
    Peace around the world = climate change
    Nobody buy's your global warming= climate change

    It is so funny that you can use "Climate Change" for everything under the sun.

  • What about the benefits of climate change? Such as expansion of the wheat belts, actual observed retraction of deserts (global greening), and cheap energy for everybody?

    Nobody talks about the benefits that these things bring to the world. They only talk about local downsides without any evidence that anything would be different if mankind weren't emitting CO2.

  • almost 1 degree change in 160 years…. and your showing clips of people waist deep in flooding. Curious…. How much have oceans risen in the past 160 years

  • Thank you for viewing and sharing the video with my network and country for their awareness and preparedness in times of natural disaster due to climate change.

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