Against “Leftist” Violence (On Effective Activism & Vegans / Veganism).

Violence is not just a problem as a political means-to-an-end; it is profoundly distorting in the way the whole political process is conceptualized (even in examples like veganism and the Green Party of Canada, etc., where violence has so little to offer, it remains a dominant paradigm for the whole “left wing”, due to the legacy of 20th century Communism… and while veganism is not intrinsically left-wing, it has been predominantly leftist so far).

[NOTE: this is an excerpt from a longer, patreon-only video.]

Yeah, BTW, I’m vain: this is what I look like with 5 hours of sleep (no makeup!). Recorded after waking up at 6:00 AM (having fallen asleep at 1:00 AM the night before). And, sadly, I still have way too much to say on the issue (and, sadly, I think this stuff is of real importance… I sort of wish it wasn’t).

The essay alluded to, repeatedly, about the events in 1920 (revolution, violence, etc.) can be found here:

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