Aid workers reduced to tears in starving city

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports that supply trucks have arrived in Madaya, Syria where aid workers were brought to tears by the dire situation.

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  • Perhaps the president will shed a few tears.This is the Obama legacy.The man who ran his presidential campaign
    On anti war rhetoric and govt transparency.This is the sad truth of Obamas war. this breaks my heart certainly more than a staged sandy hook scene. No one died at sandy hook.
    But these syrian children are starving
    …..a slow and painful death to those that didnt survive. Love the picture of obama slurping down an ice cream cone.

  • David Cameron the Tory/Labour Friends of Israel and the UK foreign office should be sent to the ICC for starting and promoting this civil war.

  • It is Putin's fault. If he did not support the evil regime of Bashar al-Assad, the civil war would be over long time ago. The Rebels of Free Syrian Army would win, and it would be peace and quite.

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