America’s First Climate Change Refugees

As the Trump administration pulls America out of international meetings on climate change, we visit communities who are already feeling its effects, and being forced to leave their homes.


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  • 10000 years ago Tasmania was connected to mainland Australia as was
    the barrier reef.

    Climate change may be real but it's not to say it's from humans.

    Carbon tax is a fraud that won't change a thing.

    This guy moving out of Florida will be dead before his house goes under.

  • Hello SBS Australia! I can actually watch this episode! I don't know why the majority of your uploads are not available for viewing in the Netherlands, but it is incredibly annoying that it is the case.

  • I’m still trying to figure out the journalist’s Kath n Kim accent . What is “worrdah”… she keeps saying it’s rising . What is a “cummyoondee”? She keeps saying they are under threat .

  • The Climate changes, always has done, always will do, humans having been moving because of it for millennia, they might have been upset/angry too ….. get over it. CO2 hysteria is political not scientific and the science of climate change is tainted by one sided funding, constant witch hunts for 'deniers' and infiltrated by activists posing as scientists. Bottom line is that our planet is in absolutely no danger at all from CO2 ….. none! But some people might have to move house … that is nothing to panic over …..

  • Trump is a dumb piece of shit sooo of course they're gonna decline any and all matters regarding climate change. As evolving human beings we put our Earth through tremendous detriment and can only expect that at some point it's going to crash and burn.

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