Annie Lennox: Why I am an HIV/AIDS activist

For the last eight years, pop singer Annie Lennox has devoted the majority of her time to her SING campaign, raising awareness and money to combat HIV/AIDS. She shares the experiences that have inspired her, from working with Nelson Mandela to meeting a little African girl in a desperate situation.

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  • @777neotamakachi777 And even those who will survive will cause more suffering to other people. They might get raped and spread aids. THey might just eat and that is enough to make starvation worse. IT is very selfish of you to want to save a child because of your personal feelings about it and cause suffering to others this way. Its like saying you dont want to kill a child so instead you leave it alone and let it starve to death. ITs not only stupid its also CRUEL and immoral

  • @thomaste33 Interesting, I didn't realize people still thought the pope had any authority. As a Catholic, I and many others ignore him. His word seems to have much more weight with non-Catholic cynics.

  • @777neotamakachi777 Maybe so but the woman who are prostitutes are not necessarily sluts, they are trying to support their family. And yes they probably did start of naively and got pregnant. It's not promiscuity, it's survival and girls doing what they thing they have to do to feed their children.

  • @xxxFaustusxxx Yes, it seems selfish. I don't know if it is moral; is not my personal or social case and I don't want to judge it . Remember the fact that these primitive societies present a high Infant Mortality Rate so reproduction is always some sort of rat race. On the other hand, if you want to rule immoral and irresponsible behavior then ask: "Why do poor people in economically developed societies keep reproducing?" Sure I can write a college textbook about it.

  • @thomaste33 I agree with the pope deserving blame, but even more the institution he's head of. The cheapest way to reduce HIV spreading is to have _ALL_ religions stating explicitly that condoms are better than AIDS. Any religion not doing so is in my mind partially responsible for ongoing genocide. This is one of the major reasons (but not the biggest) i'm vocally against organised religions in general instead of being a silent atheist.

  • @juditK2007 well the statistics for aids in developed nations and underdeveloped nations show caontradicting transmission trends. have you you ever investigated why their are three different hiv tests and why different nations use different tests.. also what the test actually test for or even the fact that AIDS is not a virus but when several inmunodeficiency diseases are present ie: tuburculosis, IBS, chronic diareahea etc.. look up alternative scientific views on HIV/AIDS…

  • @Th3Wab3 "caontradicting transmission trends"
    What did you mean by this?

    "look up alternative scientific views on HIV/AIDS"
    So far the AIDS deniers have not come up with any evidece for their alternative explanations while science has& produced treatment based on thist.Guess which one I'm going to believe in this situation?The keyword is not alternative but evidence.
    And FYI the AIDS test is 1 of the most reliable medical tests we have.It's 95{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e}accurate.& it's not just a combination of diseases.

  • Wow…so amazing how the REAL point gets missed in all this muck of sloth minded opinions while people are dying…How about this…If you don't have anything helpful to lend to the project in the way of support or donations are helping to raise awareness, then try to be quiet and learn something…The who's what where and why's are irrelevant…compassion is relevant…nobody asks for AIDS and judgement hasn't found a cure…Smokers get Cancer and they also get compassion.Leave the ugliness out

  • How can 39 people resulting in negative a message as beautiful as this? Nonsense! Probably do not care for noble causes like this

  • This disease effects everyone, not just women and children. Why is it that she isn't concerned about men? Because somewhere in her mind, she thinks that men are responsible for the spread of this disease, and men are no more responsible than are women. It takes two to tango baby, so stop blaming only men. Condoms and education prevent HIV, not "circumcision", the euphemism for male genital mutilation.

  • @777neotamakachi777 I fully agree with you on your claim that few people in low hiv-affected places know what's really going on. Having said that, how can we in the low rate hiv nations help out?

  • the problem is greed in the economic sense its 6000{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} profit selling treatments to those that can afford or at least will pay – there is no "economic" demand for treatments in poor countries – the problem is the entire economic paradigm of the world to understand this better see zietgiest addendum and zietgiest moving forward

  • The fact that there are 40 thumbs down for this presentation, along with all the ignorance and lack of compassion on the subject of HIV in Africa expressed in the comments about the video — shows how important a talk like this is. It is an issue which brings out the best in some people, and the worst in others. The subject is "Why I am and HIV/AIDS activist". Annie Lennox's experience is worth listening to — there is heart and soul in it, in addition to facts and figures. Much to learn here.

  • @Khyrid what an interesting thing to say. He's correct. I am american, I have HIV. I've had it for two years CD4 is at a healthy level and my viral load is undetectable. I don't even have to undergo treatment to date. In South Africa the spread and survival rate is much more of an alarming situation compared to anywhere else in the world. You should be ashamed to say you don't care, which I believe you do. You wouldn't have been on this page if you didn't.

  • @kalenen how ignorant of you to think that south africa is on the same educational and daily living standard as other countries. condoms? most of these people can't even afford to eat like we do. don't be hateful, and never wish death on anyone.

  • I used to be a huge Annie fan. I have also worked as an HIV researcher for over ten years, mostly in Southern and Eastern Africa.
    I was really disappointed by the fact that Annie seems to have a weak understanding of the issues in this disease. Her celebrity friends seem to matter than any issues of evidence. She has a very shallow understanding of the issues that are important. However, I appreciate that she supports Treatment Action Campaign. But I won't listen to her ever again.

  • I honestly can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic at making such a remark.

    -It's not always obvious or easy to know when someone is HIV positive, because it's not the only type of sexually transmitted disease out there.

    -It's wrong to have any kind of life-threatening illness, regardless whether it's sexually transmitted or not.

    -Your logic strangely fails short from considering the case in which a child is born with the virus, because they certainly haven't done anything wrong.

  • Annie , eres una gran persona , considero que tu grandeza e inspiracion como cantante te han llenado de cualidades bellas y unicas .Eres una artista completa te Adoro.

  • I sort of agree with you. If she's concerned about the effects of the disease then she should not be selective for who to advocate for.

    But, in Africa the conditions for men are "slightly" better. Meaning men don't get raped or abused in the name of religion, grown men probably don't starve as much as abandoned children.

    Yes, she should treat people equally, but if her focus is on helping the most vulnerable in African society, I really don't see why that has to become a sexism issue.

  • In Africa, and many other middle eastern areas, men DO get raped by other men. No, the conditions for men aren't "slightly" better, but this isn't about competitive pain. In fact there are more organisations geared to helping female victims, but none for men. Men are often ostracised for having been raped and expelled from the villages if not murdered. Check out the videos by girlwriteswhat.

  • I don't dispute that, and I agree that it's equally good to help men as it is to help women. You're right, suffering is suffering, it's not about what kind of suffering is worse, it's all bad, no matter to who. But I do think the quantity of women and children effected negatively in Africa is probably greater than the quantity of men effected negatively, and though I don't know any statistics offhand, I'd be willing to bet this is true in terms of ratios as well as pure numbers.

  • I'll use an example…

    If you had a million people who were being ripped off by Bank A, and 0.2 million being ripped off Bank B, if you had to dedicate resources to fixing one problem you'd probably go with trying to help people belong to Bank A.

    Now obviously that's over simplistic, but I think it conveys my opinion. Of course it would be best to dictate "No banks can rip people off" if it were possible, but I think the actual problems are a little more complicated.

  • And I don't think that minorities have fewer rights either. I guess my opinion is just that I'm glad someone's helping others, especially when I have the luxury to be in the comfort of my own home debating who they should be helping.

  • Sorry, but anyone who promotes women's rights while endorsing forced male circumcision, not to mention the "conveyor belt" method of the practice, is a hypocrite sexist piece of garbage. I'm also one of those who will never listen to this idiot lennox again. There are studies showing female circumcision in Africa leads to the same percentage reduction in HIV contraction. She's a sexist loser grandstanding bitch. 40 boys dead in E Cape hospitals alone in one month from circ. Fuck lennox.

  • What does a person do when they've achieved wealth and fame? They attach their name to a charity and/or cause. I'm sick of all these celebrity do gooders.

  • I was there in the early 80's when gay men were dying form all the party drugs and antibiotics they were taking in the 70's but it was nothing compared to the deaths after 1987 when doctors started giving perfectly healthy people AZT. From 1987 to 1997 I lost

  • AZT was a cancer drug that Welcome gave up in 1964 because in experiments killed all the mice. It was deemed too toxic for humans. In 1987 AZT was fraudulently approved in record time. A genocide that murdered over 300,000 people (mostly gay men)

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