Beyond Conspiracy Theory: Is Activism Becoming Sectarian?


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  • I look forward to when Charles has his next epiphany where he realises Sheldrake and co. are yet another loopy idea that hes gotten sucked into.

  • Hey Charlie, keep up the good work. his is one of the best videos youve made.
    youve hit the nail on the head bro !! and all the low life zombies leaving negative comments just dong have a sole to even understand the points youre trying to make.

  • He was paid £50K by the BBC to flip flop and an all expenses paid road trip to amerika.You know i do agree with him on some points however,that this "truth movement" is a dangerous cult, headed by gurus like alex jones and icke…and heres the kicker see, also charlie andrew smenkelwitz.All Charlie veitch is about is charlie veitch,he doesnt bleieve anything he said or is saying, this is all about keeping the BRAND relevant.Same as the other stooges and thieves like jason bermas & luke rudkowski

  • *soul*. A *sole* is what you find on a shoe, the sole of your shoe attached to the *sole of your foot, but not your *soul attached to your shoe, or even the bottom of your foot, at least, i think not

  • His name wasnt "Randy man savage", it was MACHO MAN Randy Savage.

    Charlie, you finished this video talkign a reet spiel of crap. I almost vomited on the sickly toxic syrup of your words

  • You got proof you can inbox me showing he was paid 50K by BBC? I know for fact he had an all paid trip to New York and I still doubt his last name is Smenkelwitz…………..

  • 20th Century philosophy and QM, UFT, and micro tubules do not explain the numerous anomalies, do not answer the unanswered questions. Hume would have lit up your argument like. Roman candle. You offer no "reason", no "evidence". U confuse serious debate for irrational blather.

  • Perhaps you are familiar the tenants of "logic"? Your logic is seriously flawed. Naming something a "conspiracy" or a "cult" doesn't make the tenants untrue. You claim "science" is the REAL truth? LMAO. Perhaps you should ask Sheldrake if HE believes most scientists today are searching for the "truth". Ask Hammerhoff and Penrose

  • Or how about Bruce Lipton? Just because there is entanglement, it doesn't automatically "create" a conspiracy. I'm done. Go on. Prattle on more nonsense.

  • I hate to say this cause I think you are a scumbag, but you are right in some ways. One thing that you are not mentioning though is how the metaphysics arena is now attracting the same type of shill profiteers as the conspiracy arena. Your best bet is to discover the universe for yourself, there will always be some profiteer selling a book with the secrets of the universe, but your chances of actually finding the truth are better if done through your own discovery.

  • I like Charlie because his ideas evolve. So many people are scared of being called hypocrites for changing their minds. That's not even the definition of a hypocrite.
    Someone who changes their ideas is someone who has doubted and tested their knowledge, someone who stays true to the pursuit of knowledge. This doesn't mean they are closer to the truth, but rather that they are traveling through ideas, and someone who travels is more likely to get to "paradise" than someone who does not travel.

  • I once called CV naive in a personal mail to him. I told him that he should beware of guys like Icke and Jones. His answer was as childish as the idiotic hate he now spews towards the other direction. Thats true extremist behaviour. He´s unable to ponder arguments without his ego slipping in. But that seems to come with the territory of a character who was socialized within a bankster community.

  • Cv just changed the sides. He now believes the conspiracy theory of those people who needed this event to justify 12 years of war around the whole world. I mean how naive can you get to believe that 2 aeroplanes hit 2 building and three collapse. That an areoplane vaporizes while the passport of the terrorist flying sails down to the ground unharmed. That two buildings collaps into their own fundaments while demolition experts around the world often fail to calculate such perfect demolitions

  • Remember "CT" is a word that is used like words like "hipster" "gay" "nazi". Its the unconditional surrender of people who have not the mental capacity to find arguments. CV decided to change one Theory for another. All his words of reason are now perverted by the cowardice of a man that learned nice words. But instead of learning the underlying concepts and how to debate he reduces everything to rethoric. He chooses the most stupid theories to prove that 911 was not an inside job. How boring.


    Since the govt. committed 9/11, why arent truthers demanding the release of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who is on trial for his life for a crime truthers claim he did not commit?

    If there was no flight 93, please explain how 95{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of the plane debris was recovered?

    If there was no flight 77, please explain how 130+ witnesses reported seeing a plane?

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