Bullets & bombs ‘humanitarian aid’ to help Syria?

In Syria, violence intensifies as clashes between government forces and army defectors spread. This Sunday, 23 people have reportedly been killed in battles in the south of the country, and new fights have erupted in the northwest. To discuss the ongoing violence in Syria, RT joined live from Beirut by Dr. Rania Masri who’s a professor at the University of Balamand.

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  • @swanson01john china hates religion because they know its track record of doing the most horrible bullshit in history Russia dosent hate muslims theve been living with them for centuries the tatars are a muslim minority in Russia if they did hate them they wouldve bee wiped out

  • Of course RT won't support the revolution in Syria for several reasons:
    1- Most important neighbor of Izrael.
    2- The key between "Zionist" Izrael & "Shia" of Iran who also wants to share the middle eastern cake with the 'future' kingdom of Judea.
    3- Russia support both sides and who would stop them?
    p.s. Power(Gold) is shifting from America to somewhere else and we'll find out sooner or later.

  • these people with weapons are protecting themselves from the GENOCIDE that their government is doing. Now USA GOVERNEMENT will help Syria Government to lets say so: HELP THE PEOPLE

  • @slavixtube you don't even know me, how do you anything about my credibility?
    stick your head in their channel and let them keep feeding you lies.
    you can smell the stink of RT's cooking for miles.

  • I have often valued the opinions of Dr. Rania Masri. I think she knows exactly what's going on, and isn't afraid to point uncomfortable truths out.

  • you wanting to destroy israel or israel wanting to destroy you is the same thing. What is the difference? well the only difference is that Israel is winning.

  • Who gives anybody the right to sanction anbodyelse? Governments are evil, all of them. This is just a stupid game wich leads to a world government.

  • @Anonymous32000 If Israel truly want peace, why do they keep their war against Palestine? (Military occupation is an act of war and they havent stoped it since the War of Independence) If israel honestly want peace. Why do they threaten Iran with war when Iran never threatened to attack Israel?

    No, the Israeli leaders arent better than Hamas. They dont want peace either

  • @Anonymous32000 "Israel keeps trying to make deals, but everytime they are met with more excuses and demands"

    As long as Israel is occupying any land ouside it's recognized borders they arent trying to make any peaceful deals. The occupation is a proof for leaders who dont want either the Palestinean or the Israeli people to have peace.

    Ahmadinejad has never threatened to use nukes against Israel. prove me wrong, or at least back your statemnet please.

  • @Anonymous32000
    1. There are no proof for any Iranian ambitions for nukes. There were no proof for any WMDs in Iraq either. And now, yet again, the saim sources who spread the lies about Iraqi WMDs are shouting "nukes" at Iran…. Fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me… you know..
    2. To be a Jew is a matter of faith/belief and not genes. Semites were there first (actually, they werent but anyway) and among semites there are atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christans etc.

  • @Anonymous32000 "And don't tell me that they murder innocent people on purpose, they don't"

    Not in general, no. But they completely neglect the fact that they are bombing civilians too when they are aiming for a certain target. Which in my eyes is quite the same as targeting them. Same cynical justifications behind.

    They, the terrorists put bombs at busses and schools yes. The Palestineans don't.

  • @Anonymous32000 "why would Palestine keep attacking Israel unprovoked if they truly want peace?"

    They are not. they are infact under attack by Israel, it's not the opposite. Nor the West Bank or Gaza are occupying Israel. It's Israel who's occupying Palestine. These are facts which mean that the Palestineans are defending and the Israelis are attacking. And that's been ongoing for decades. So no. The Palestineans arent attacking Israel, they are defending their country with poor "tools"

  • Firstly, how are people and human rights observers supposed to come into syria when assad and his government won't allow it. Are you blind? That is what the Arab League has been trying to do, get their observers on the ground in syria

  • See RT presenter preping the global mind for the UN intervention into Syria too.
    @2.59 where he interupts his guest in mid point, and asks the pre-meditated question, isn't it simply a question of using violence to fight violence. What a great Fabian Socialistic question from the Fanians themselves, Same mentality as the British Just-Us system. It means they can break the law, to uphold it. Literally.

  • I hope you can find the falacious rhetoric to interupt god when your life is reviewed into how you helped the tyrants conquer the globe drenched in the blood of all gods children.

    That masonic apron won't mean shit then, you can believe that for sure.

  • @stevenbford1
    Your credibility as you mentioned is 'unknown'. Your anonymous comments don't have much weight. You are free to go elsewhere and watch something more credible to you. RT on the other hand has strong popularity and credibility for many people across the world. RT certainly has much more credibility for me than most western msm.

  • @slavixtube I am also free to watch RT's crappy news and post my opinion. National Enquirer sold millions of its magazine, although everyone knew their stories are all made up.

  • @stevenbford1
    RT does allow your unfriendly opinion to be expressed here. If RT's news are crappy for you, why don't you stop wasting your time with crap and go elsewhere where news is more credible to you?

  • CIA installs these dictators all over the world and then turns on them funding and supporting their opposition with million and finally arming freedom fighters. It's disgusting because they've been doing this since 1950 and there have been over 40 coupes then and millions dead since.

    This tampering is outright sinful and I wish the U.S could just call these countries it's colonies instead of pretending to help when it's causing the problems in the first place.

  • @haveahorst good luck with what?
    neither do you since i dont even know what i need good luck in
    when i put up my comment it was a statement not on an offer or something i said i was going to do..

  • @kaktuscar86 well since we never ONCE had a world government nobody knows what i would be like plus everything you just said is easily avoidable
    nothing or nobody ever said world government would be lead 1 person hell not even individual governments are lead by 1 person, like the US's and Russia's

  • @kaktuscar86
    its inevitably going to happen like you said no use worrying about it. its not affecting me now i dont see how it will affect me in the future
    like say independent countries will in danger? why should i care?

  • @Anonymous32000 They threatened? They don't have any! Your comments are false!! And you call your self Anonymous?????Go to McDonald's and watch some porn!

  • help syria? well, the us.helped afghanistan, the u.s. helped iraq, but those countries don't want help. they even accuse of the u.s. "invading" those countries. and last is that they helped lebanon. what happens? more strict implementation of shariah law, the muslim brotherhood, etc. nah, they don't need help. they rather go back and kill each other to the stone age. learn your lesson u.s.a., only help those countries that value western values, not those who want to go back to 610 A.D.

  • the violent "repression" is caused by foreign mercenaries (CIA/MOSSAD) and local criminals.. The people of Syria support the government. This is just another western media Fraud -> Another WMD Scam…LIES.


    If explosions were heard in the basement of WTC 1, why did the building fail at the point of impact?

    If the WTC was destroyed in a controlled demolition, how did the nanothermite charges survive the plane impacts and how did the perpetrators know exactly where the planes would hit the building?

    How do you explain Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession to planning 911 in an Al Jazeera interview back in 2002?

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