Climate Change the Crisis | Part One

Our expansive series on climate change investigates the causes, impact and possible solutions to the crisis.

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  • Fossil fuels won't last forever. So some generation will have to deal with the withdrawals. Shall we tackle the problem or kick the can down the road?

  • Yes indeed how much? how fast? Early indications are that several factors could be more abrupt than once thought.

  • the temperatures have been rising since the early 19 hundreds because the world was coming out of wht is called mini ice age, hence the rise in temperatures. CO2 has always existed, in fact there would be no life without it. And during the middle ages the temperatures were warmer than now. You know why? here is the conspiracy: because climate has always changed, with or without humanity.

  • This will prove a great testimony to the preposterous notion of man made global warming and the enduring ignorance that still persists through corruptive political agenda's and the glaringly obvious omission of any reference to the overriding influence of the sun on our climate. So sad it is – it will take decades for the scientific community to re-establish its integrity after the public finally realise to their cost in fraudulently extorted taxes in the past and the lethal consequences that will result in the future, from the betrayal of science's established critically objective principles.

  • May I suggest these bleeding heart Liberal Democrats watch the movie Climate Hustle to see that the Climate Scam needs to be exposed!

  • CO 2 is a set up of greenhouse gasses, and when you have mass forests being cut down because someone needs paper or a house, those trees that gone won't be able to absorb the CO2 fast enough leaving for a warming planet. The planet is warming, and now a bigger greenhouse from melting tundra and permafrost are releasing "methane." So, when all the methane get's released, we will be, too late. Methane is the worst of all greenhouse gasses! Think about that slowly!!

  • Research a better exhaust system, research water desalination, there are many more cost effective things we can do to optimize our existing capable energies rather than heavily subsidize the incapable GREEN ENERGY HYPOCRISY !!!

  • If super storm Sandy was called the storm of the century, it reminds you that within every 100years!!! there is another storm like Sandy!!!

  • We need oil to manufacture solar panels and erect wind turbines. While our aging electric grid holds up electric cars could work for a while. Time, money and effort are needed to get these in place soon, while we can, including a steam train system nationally. Taking the last bit of oil out of the earth creates poisoned fracking water, spill in oceans, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting. In the meantime, heating up climate will decrease our food supplies, water and cause migration of people and lowered national security. Disease and more intense storms will take their tole. This is very serious. If earth is destroyed, so are we. We have waged an assault on our planet for a long time. It's at the brink, possibly past it. With a third of the ozone layer missing, a solar flare could get in and incinerate the whole planet.

  • It is a sad reflection of the gullibility of modern man and woman, that some people usually the young and impressionable actually believe the nonsense about global warming. Please people look beyond the hype, beyond the Al Gore scare movie and beyond the IPCC reports that have all been shown up to be half truths at best and pseudo science at worst.
    The good news is, climate change is a normal phenomena affected by normal events and has almost nothing, to do with mans best or worst efforts.

  • Costa Rica is 99{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} renewable clean energy.

  • So if we stopped all man made CO2 emissions what do the climate models predict? Giggle if you all ready know the answer.

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