Closing Plenary: The Spirit of Art and Activism – Yara Shahidi

Hear how a series of renowned changemakers define the central mission of their lives around the passion and purpose of social justice, change and artistic activism, bringing insights into how we can revitalize and focus our mission with renewed purpose and commitment.

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  • I love her why can't there be more ppl like her on social media instead of Kylie Jenner or azelia banks

  • This was amazing, wow, I'm in love its official. I think its important to note also how young she is influencing a new generation of girls to love themselves and be proud of their ethnicities – I love that.

  • this is amazing! but i was wondering if you could please add captions so that it's more accesible for d/Deaf/HoH people, and as well as for people whose first language isn't english so reading the words is easier and more understandable? it would be super helpful thanks

  • Wow look at the mind of a 16 year old… Imagine if every 16year old could think like her wow all I can say is her parents did an amazing job

  • She broke down why media affects biases so well.Anyone that could look at Yara's breakdown and they say they don't get it must be trying not to.

  • nice speech! really hit on a lot of important dynamics of diversity on screen. media is the most influential form of communication today. what we see on screen has profound effects on society at large. you ended your speech with something like, 'does art reflect society or does art effect society?' are there ulterior motives at work within the film industry when it comes to diversity on screen? a powerful tool the media is in this day and age… watch the trends… i dont think they're accidents.

  • This was so empowering and important to me. She did a great job and shes so wise. My new favorite activist ! 🙂

  • Right.. Right… Right…So who exactly are forcing these individuals to take those roles that immortalize negative stereotypes you see displayed allover the ''media'' ill wait….

  • tv show about a bunch of light skin ppl called Blac-ish I mean nigga come on that title by itself is just racist, through half season it piss me off when they always switch a dark skin girl to light skin, and its always been like this ppl jus dont see it, Aunt Viv, Claire Marie Kyle, My Wife and Kids, and the list goes on.

  • Excellent speech, especially the part about failure being the expectation and success being the exception. We are all exceptional if only the world will see us.

  • Sounds good on paper.. Let's see if empire, scandal, or hip hop wives loses ratings… smdh.. You're not going to get "positive representation" when you fill the seats to dysfunctional media. The positive representation is out there but too many are so focused on white mainstream, amateur black producers & content creators "with positive content" struggle to compete. It almost sounds like you wish white media to alter their programming for our sake. Once again Black folks integrating. Build your own ish & stop begging White folks to change their ish. YOU need to compete. If white media casts a black thug, then your media should cast four black doctors. But who will YOU support…?

  • Absolutely love Yara. Extremely brilliant and classy young lady. She's a wordsmith just like cousin Nas ☺ continue to write, act and inspire

  • she looks 15yrs old when she started activisim?!!! OMG ! i am almost 30 yrs old just be graduated from uni # I At 15yrs old i managed only to play all seasons of Sims!

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