David Attenborough on climate change: ‘The world will be transformed’

An extract from Liberatum’s documentary In this Climate, in which a range of cultural and environmental figures including Noam Chomsky, David Attenborough and Mark Ruffalo respond to the threat of climate change and to the deniers.
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The full-length film is scheduled for release before the World Economic Forum in January 2017.

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  • David Attenborough is a perceived honest face to a monumental hoax ,does he believe the nonscience he propagates ? I do not know Is the hoax he propagates a hoax .yes most certainly

  • Methane is overrated: The Earth's sea and atmosphere has plenty of methanophiles. This is so because methane is a viable source of energy, so if methane level rises, so will the methanophiles multiply. These creatures keep the methane concentration in the atmosphere at around 0.0002{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} even though that the sea concentration is 0.00036{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} and this had been that way for ages. In turn, they can be and are consumed as part of the usual food chain, so the result of the polar caps melting would be a relatively low net impact of methane on the environment. Carbon dioxide is the real threat. Chemically dismantling Carbon dioxide is very expensive energy-wise, and plants do it by photosynthesis which demands sunlight. Mankind does not have any efficient way of doing so, apart from planting green plants. So basically, seeding Earth's oceans with green algae and undertaking forestation seriously overland, should do the trick and could resolve the global warming problem for a very long time. Although there are other problems that need to be addressed as well. There isn't any "silver bullet" solution to all the problems. But claiming something like "the human race is doomed because of the methane that will enter the atmosphere", only shows inability to do your own research.

  • The human race is not really fucked, but the current paths in sustainable development and energy are going to change in ways the 1{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} cannot control. The time to effect change.has passed. Our civilization has decided to abdicate any intelligent action and as such the human race now has no choice but to submit to the changes in nature.
    The coming population collapse is unplanned and will be severe I think, but it will not be the end of us. The world is going to be very different sooner than we think.

  • the comment section is astounding! so much stupidity. my favorite one is the "sun cycle" defense; that seems to be the most popular one. (it does have an impact, but the data show at this point that solar radiation is in a downtrend) anyway, turns out whoever said money is the root of all evil was right.

  • I am dismayed to find the prevailing perception that over – population is the problem that needs to be addressed. The industrial/financial systems are the problem, and if free/clean energy technologies had not been suppressed in favour of enriching a few power crazed individuals, we could have progressed, as a civilisation, in a sustainable manner. De – population is NOT going to get us out of this predicament, ( in my humble opinion )

  • There's NO ONE who understands climate change better than President Trump
    The Problem is over-population, n he knows that, n a lot of people, many many individuals must die first, before humanity possibly can act… n we can only pray that life will persist. Inshallha "only God willing"

  • Hard to believe there still are people who think we will transform the hell we've made of the place into someting viable for furture generations…lol…lol…what a joke, my grandkids, and yours, probably won't ever have a 30th birthday.

  • Humans have been too successful, Any limited space has its limits on the number of occupants. The earth has its limits, the only questions are how fast, how quickly the population will die. who will die first. Will someone push a button ???

  • Al Gore and his army of Climate Scientists predicted the Arctic would be ice free by 2013.
    Gore said this in a speech in 2007.
    Totally wrong……….not even close to being ice free. Far from it.
    Another example of the fear mongering lies put out by the the Global Warming alarmist community.
    There are 100 times the amount of greenhouse H2O in the atmosphere as CO2. And both overlap in their infrared absorption wavelengths. That being said, it's obvious that H2O is the primary driver of global warming, while CO2 only contributes a very negligible amount.

  • A HOAX a hoax really!! What planet is Trump living on. Denial is costing us the planet. How old is this brainless person?? He doesn't care because he won't be living. …

  • All we need to do is put water pipes 7 km underground where the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius and use the steam to drive generators. Direct your tree hugging outrage at those who suppress this and other low tech unlimited energy solutions. I think nuclear power is more ridiculous than dirty coal.

  • humans come in two groups, BOTH are terminally selfish: Group 1 are sociopaths willong to destroy the globe for a dollar. Group 2 are selfish cowards who refuse to cut the heads off of the sociopaths killing the planet.

  • i was really sad, the day i realised that david attenborough was a shill for the banksters and corporations….
    "climate change" is a constant…. climate COOLING due to the latest Solar Minimum is the reality tho'….
    Fukushima will end us on this planet, not carbon dioxide! Plants need CO2 to breath!

  • Humans are exceptional creatures, each and every one. They also have very little effect on the changing climate. In fact it is almost entirely controlled by that huge fiery ball we see every day. ~You know the one. The one that puts the Solar into Solar System. Yes our sun. Our source of warmth and light. It has just finished a warming cycle, and is in fact presently going into an exceptionally dormant state. The earth will experience an extreme cooling climate event for the next 20 years or more… You have been warned. Research it.

  • the Paris agreements are a massive wealth redistribution con game. even they admit it will have only a fraction of a degrees difference.
    We have never said the climate isn't changing only that it is more a natural change then man made.
    Then when you have Nasa and other organizations caught going back and changing the temps from previous decades sooner be a denier than a fraud.
    1st it was the population bomb than the ice age now several decades of this will happen and that will happen and none of it has.

  • for the last three years the oceans have been receding according to NASA data, guess the ice age is finally on its way

  • As long as the masses in places like India don't have contraceptives the environment is only going to get worse. It's not people in the western world that are overpopulated, it's the 3rd world that is causing this insane population growth. We need to focus on preventing the world population from getting as high as 9 billion, if we just accept that as an inevitability than the Earth truly is fucked. People in the 3rd world already cannot sustain themselves, they need to be given contraceptives and taught that having babies constantly isn't a good idea. Just a few generations ago in the west we didn't use contaceptives much and women would have a dozen children, whereas now that condoms, birth control, and abortion are commonplace we have low birth rates. The 3rd world could go through the same transformation. If it doesn't, there will be mass extinctions of animals and plants and the human race will suffer from horrible droughts, famines, epidemics and a lack of resources.

  • I can't believe how people have such selfish and destructive ideals to act like nothing can be done! Is this the new campaign by big oil trolls? The question is not whether our species will survive, but how! If I had the choice of believing David Attenborough or every politician on the face of the planet, I'd trust David Attenborough. He's been doing this for 60 years. Politicians are only interested in power and money.

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