Don’t Deny Activism! Don’t Undermine Activists! Don’t Suppress Our Actions!

T.J. YOU are literally undoing activism! We’re not all sitting on the couch watching TV & playing on the Internet. See all these activists including Jews protesting against Israel. Plus CODEPINK has launched an anti-drone campaign: Denying that activities are taking place undermines those efforts. It undermines activist activities to go around declaring that no such activities are taking place.
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☛ Jews You Don’t See Demonstrating AGAINST Israel & Brutally Beaten

☛ ABC News Deviously Hides Jews from the Public!

☛ Torture & Drones, Brennan’s Record has only Gotten Worse!

☛ Threats & Throwing Lit Matches

Don’t Deny Activism! Don’t Undermine Activists! Don’t Suppress Our Actions! PLAYLIST:

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  • I have yet to see a good video by TJ. I find his personality acerbic and his arguments pedestrian. It is true that he is to blame for many problems. It is a good point that he does ignore people that are taking a stand. For instance the codepink woman that was called crazy. That was totally insulting. She wants to end drone attacks that kill people and she is crazy? So it is not crazy to kill people just to protest killings. Great example of how the system protects itself from criticism.

  • But non one is asking the questions.

    The problem with wikileaks is that

    a) You need mass media exposure to publish them despite all the files/cables available on the site that most people are not going to read that only reported on leaks that support the media’s agenda with Assange and wikileaks now disregarded by the mass media.

    b) Because the sources are anonymous any intelligence agency can leak secretly leak info that might advance their agenda and being on wikileaks gives it credibility

  • WikiLeaks doesn't just leak anything. There is a reason that The Masters Of Manking (Adam Smith term) think WikiLeaks is the most dire threat to their interests. A bigger threat than any other player in this game.

  • The more videos there are exposing this brainless idiot the better. He only helps people think inside the box with ignorance and 'justified' hate.

  • How come they reply feature is gone? Now I have to scroll down past 50 posts to find the one I'm trying to reply to? And it's no longer highlighted.

  • Thank you for your efforts RP, I initiated some discussion using this video on a popular discussion forum and I'll send you the link in a message.

  • I honestly think that for the most part, TJ is right about people standing Idly by, maybe not to the extent that he's saying, exaggeration is not uncommon in youtube. I think that location also matters. in the public sense, the south has a reputation for what TJ is talking about, which is where TJ lives. RP, you are right that people with willpower do exist, you're an example of that. Either way, America has issues to work out.

  • watch his porn video and you will learn all you need to know about the pervert he is a typical anti white Zionist and TJ has been warned about his hate speach and lies


    This is a clever way YouTube will now limit your free speech, you will no longer be able to write declarative statements as I do next to playlists. Score another one for Abe Foxman!

    We Can Save YouTube, we still have a chance, SIGN THE PETITION!

    Copy and paste the link area into any search engine, click the result.

  • T.J. works for the Pentagon's Psychological Operations Department.

    "I love Israel"…. See, they've even got me doing it.

  • I think TJ does a good job of addressing your points in his new video. You might be why he posted this:

    Or maybe he just dug the hole deeper 😛

  • I never knew there were orthodox Jews protesting against Israel..That's BIG news to me..thanks for opening my eyes

  • It is amazing isn't it that mainstream media reporters would have the audacity to suppress something like that. The problem with the current dominating media system needs to change. We can't continue to put up with their manipulative, deceptive garbage.

  • Website, Blog, yadda yadda. Look at the 'views' on this and any other 'patriot' video. Then look at Glenn Beck, O'Reilly, etc. America does not see patriotism. It is invisible. Patriots need to do things the gov cannot deny. Occupy goes to jail. Even this is ignored. Wall Street/ Israel is supreme. THAT is the whiner's point. Nothing has changed, except american prosperity, since 2008. Change requires crazies. We ain't gottem.

  • Did you notice he made no mention of this channel? THAT'S the marginalization tactic of those enforcing the status quo. Thunderf00t did the same thing even after I made several video directly addressing him, You see free flow of info depends on a willingness to at least acknowledge your critics. There's a pattern suppression against those who shed light on inconvenient facts. Refusing to mention is the tactic William Randolph Hearst used.

  • I agree with you and I already know T.J. is an opinionated asshole, I'm just saying he has good commentary. BTW thanks for mentioning Hearst.

  • Why would I need to prove something to anyone unless I wanted to convert them to see things my way (and send me some of their money)? Being a non-believer in a deity does not require me to convert a bunch of idiots into my "belief" system based on my testimony alone… and then convince them to give me money or face some horrible fate of which their is no evidence of. In fact, being a non-believer is only a consequence, in this case, of requiring evidence.

  • I don't think he's acting fairly, he's pulling a William Randolph Hearst with me. I noticed Thunderf00t did the same thing even after I made several videos directly addressing him. You can see he never did respond to me or acknowledge this channel. He can't do the slightest thing like making mention? Meanwhile he can read and display the names of "haters"

  • listen to Democracy Now's show on 9/11 and after. Did they report the motive for the attack? Did Amy read what was on the newswires that morning?: "(Reuters) Sep 11, 11:19 AM ET
    Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden warned three weeks ago that he and his followers would carry out an unprecedented attack on U.S. interests for its support of Israel, an Arab journalist with access to him said Tuesday."

    You aren't here for reasonable debate, you are here to undermine this channel.

  • there is nothing "unreasonable" about highlighting things that undermine activism. Attacking this channel with false claims that I supposedly deleted your comment indicates you are here just to play games. You think we are all fools here? As far as T.J., not only does he undermine activism (and also feature a BS artist who insists the Boston bombing was about anger at women showing their legs), he won't engage in discourse about his proclamations. You want to dupe my audience to hurt this ch?

  • Why don't you reply to the comment you quote from? Then people can see I wrote this: "You see free flow of info depends on a willingness to at least acknowledge your critics. There's a pattern suppression against those who shed light on inconvenient facts. Refusing to mention is the tactic William Randolph Hearst used."
    OK, that's why you didn't click reply to the comment you felt it necessary to quote and respond to.

  • I told you I didn't. I have been on the Internet with a blog then started a YT ch. so I have years trackrecord of not deleting comments. The most logical answer is YOU deleted the comment. you were confronted and questioned about what that supposedly deleted comment said and you couldn't answer. You are a BS artist or mental case or both.

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