Feminism and Fat Activism

The average UK dress size is 14 — 16 and yet the media feeds us a diet of skinnier = better.

Our panel discussed the rise of fat activism, the politics of size, and ask whether fat is still a feminist issue.

The panellists were fat activists Charlotte Cooper, Isha Reid and Caroline Walters, and the discussion was chaired by leading fat studies academic, Corinna Tomrley.

This session was part of the Women Of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre, 6-10 March 2013 in London.

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  • Victimhood is now a practiced art; before long they will be offering degrees at University for it. So much work to avoid reality, yet a person's joints, heart, and arteries will not lie in the end. If you love your body, you should take care of it, not bury yourself in denial. Very sad for some of them.

  • You go girls! Being fat isn't a medical condition, it's an identity! It's not like being tremendously overweight is universally supported by scientists, doctors and nutritionists as a death sentance or anything

  • "Fat activist" someone who is too lazy to actually lose weight…

    1 year ago i weighed 19 stone,

    today i weigh 11stone 6lbs

    you are the problem fatties, not the world, go on a diet and stop being so fucking lazy. NO EXCUSES

  • No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…
    What a disgrace is it for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

  • I don't understand why people are OK with being fat. You're given a work of art and you choose to ruin it by over eating or laziness. I remember seeing a Fat activism walk and the only thought that went through my mind was that if they did that walk everyday for 2 weeks they wouldn't be fat anymore.

  • 90{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of this presentation's budget was spent on reinforced titanium folding chairs.

  • It's upsetting to see people that could be better but don't have the self-discipline to improve themselves. Fucking gluttons.

  • Ask any doctor (and not a fucking bullshit PhD like the fat piece of shit on the left) and they will tell you that people who are as fat as these assholes are unhealthy.

  • I know that being too thin or fat is unhealthy and it's such a judgemental society but to fight for the rights of fatties or skinnies rights is such an extreme victim mentality!

  • A PHD on FAT and CELEBRITY. Is she seriously gonna sit there and say that she went to university and studied celebrity culture and "fat" and then wrote a dissertation on it for her PHD? what an intellectually bankrupt moron.she has no insight to offer. this hypocritical feminist propaganda is spreading in all directions. don't let em in not. don't spare them a moments reflection.

  • The idea that social justice has gone so far that we now have activists defending being a complete lardass with no will to exercise and stay healthy is a most sickening and disgusting idea.

  • being fat is nothing to be proud of, its unhealthy and it makes you sick and lazy. 
    these cunts cant accept that so instead of helping them selfs out, they lie to them selfs by saying they are proud

  • Why does fat activism even exist wtf. I'f you're overweight it is in your best intetest to exercise every day and cut out fatty foods and you will drop the weight and become healthy, and if you don't mind being bigger then do you, but dont make excuses ffs its just pathetic

  • the only thing these women should fight for is the right to not be viciously insulted , period . Instead of that they are trying to promote fatness , it's not right . obesity is NOT ok !

  • "we have a diverse range of speakers here today" all obese feminists. get over yourselves, its disgusting these people want to teach children its just fine being obese.

  • Just want to stress my support for this panel to counteract all the hate and misunderstanding in the rest of these comments. Too bad they don't know they're proving that fat activism is necessary!

  • this lady researched and wrote paper on fat activism for 4 years. she could have lost the weight in 6 months with half the effort

  • The idea of stocking every size for fat people is hilarious, with clothes u have to pre-order then move the product before next season…

  • If the average grade in public schools was a D+ should students not strive to do any better? Should the A+ students lower their grades as to not offend the "average" students?

  • Unfortunately feminism has been hijacked by lazy, narcissistic, navel gazing twits like this. With all the problems women face in the world, sex slavery being a tragically huge one… this is what western 'feminists' are obsessing with. Trying to justify their own gluttony and immoral gorging of the worlds resources rather than focusing on actual issues that should be of concern. Environmental, human rights, female emancipation, genocide, war….. f u fatties.

  • These women brought up the Andiposotivity project? Slap in the face. A former friend of mine was in this project- and she went out of her way to dump me, as a friend, because I was suffering from an eating disorder. She said I was triggering, I kid you not.

    Perhaps if there was some consistency in this movement about not hating other people who are suffering, maybe they would be more supported. Having seen the reality of their self-hatred and blaming of others, I will never buy into this movement.

  • You can't compare being fat to being black. You are born of a certain race ,but no one is born fat. It's purely self inflicted conditon due to laziness and bad diet. Not mentioning huge cost of obesity related health conditions that we all, as taxpayers will have to pick up. Why shall we all pay for your laziness ? And you even dare to promote it to others and building your whole " careers" around it? It's disgusting.

  • These people need to get a life. Why don't you become activists for something that matters?? The environment? Animals? Victims of domestic abuse? Human trafficking?? No instead you'd rather focus on being fat and justifying it. And of course trying to get everyone else to agree with your completely ridiculous views. It's all about you. What a self centered bunch!!

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