First Amendment Audit – Pantex Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Plant (With NewsNowHouston)

The Pantex Plant is the primary United States nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility that aims to maintain the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The facility is located on a 16,000 acre (65 km2) site 17 miles (27 km) northeast of Amarillo, in Carson County, Texas in the Panhandle of Texas. The plant is managed and operated for the United States Department of Energy by Consolidated Nuclear Security and Sandia National Laboratories

Thanks to NewsNowHouston for backing me up and being there for this audit. He will probably post his interaction with the Sheriff later. Check out his channel here:

Pantex Facebook:

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  • Dude, your bullshit about being interested in this shit is such a waste of time. How about you just not talk…you wanna let them FRISK you? JESUS!!!

  • WHY did you not carry the DHS 2010 Memo that covers video of Federal controlled facilities, you could have shut them down
    and never had to spend hours waiting and jaw breaking Goggle the pdf fron the DHS site and print and carry it at all audits.

  • all these idiots are so full of shit, I lose so much respect for law enforcement everyday because they are so unprofessional and liars.

  • He doesn’t know the law and wants to manipulate “no stopping or standing” really? And your Sheriff ? Holy crap. Now I know why you do this.

  • Man you are really good, and way to go not falling for that step out of the roadway CRAP!! so they could lock u up for being on the property….😎💣

  • they can't stand when you don't bow down to the brown-shirts. This is FREEDOM in America folks.Look at the oozing amounts of Freedom.

  • Rules of Auditor/LEO Engagement
    The following set of rules is what LEOs operate under. Why should any citizens complain???

    The officer is always justified in approaching the auditor in an aggressive, intimidating manner
    The officer is always an honorable patriot with nothing but the most praise-worthy motives
    The officer is always to be immediately respected and obeyed
    The officer is always to be given the benefit of the doubt with regard to his actions/motives
    The officer is always operating from a position of deep love of country and the law
    The officer is always the presumed victim of photographers
    The officer is always justified in persistent questioning if it’s in order to satisfy his curiosity
    The officer is always the presumptive good guy and a hero-in-waiting
    The officer is always acting in the best interest of “the public”
    The officer is always versed in the law and should not be challenged

    The auditor is always subject to intrusive questioning due to possession of a camera
    The auditor is always engaged in suspicious activity and, therefore, must surrender his rights
    The auditor is always required to understand why the LEO is concerned or curious
    The auditor is always the party to give up his rights
    The auditor is, by definition, guilty until proven innocent
    The auditor must comply with LEO orders, even unlawful ones
    The auditor is always disrespecting officers by exercising his rights
    The auditor must worship at the altar of the World Trade Center attacks
    The auditor must provide ID in all circumstances; not doing so is suspicious
    The auditor must surrender his rights in order to give comfort to the LEO
    The auditor must understand why it’s important that LEOs violate his rights
    The auditor must accept that “in this day and age” LEOs can violate his rights
    The auditor must agree that exercising his rights is, in itself, suspicious
    The auditor, when asked nicely, must give up his rights in the name of being cooperative

    If the respective parties to the encounter follow the preceding rules, our nation will be safe, terrorists will be thwarted and the glorious age of American Exceptionalism will be reborn. When we all learn to “Love Big Brother”, the LEO world will make sense. FTP.

  • These camo-dickweeds stand on the shoulders of great men (our Founding Fathers) and release a hot, yellow stream of piss all over the very Constitution they swear to defend. The irony burns. I invite them to kiss my unwiped pucker.

  • Your very lucky a DOE SOG Swoop team didn't put a bag over your head and lose you. This is nuclear surety your fucking with. Be very careful what you ask for. They can make you the camera and your buddy disappear. For good.

  • Las Vegas??? Are you fucking kidding me, correct me if I'm wrong but those were civilians murdered not military personnel on a fucking military base. And why the fuck would you tell him to turn off his camera you fucking pig

  • These cunts are not LEOs not Military they are just civilians doing a security job and I would have told them to fuck right off.

  • Question, why are governments mostly out of control and exist only to control?
    Simply put, because we allow them to be. We actually have the power over them and completely refuse to use it, so why is that?
    Fear, they hold power through fear, they have an army of hounds to protect their control and enforce this control, called the police and we are taught to fear the police and the illusion of authority. We cave in at every turn and we let them hold mastery over us in just about everything. As a people, one massive body of power we have to say NO to anything that is not in our interest and stop giving in to fear tactics, propaganda, lies and mind control through media, also be aware of diversionary tactics that take you away from issues that they do not want you to think about, finally wake up not just yourself but as many as you can reach wake up to what is going on.
    Government is the enemy of the people and can not in anyway be trusted. Politics is a filthy dirty corrupt pool of excrement that good people dive into and lose their soul and humanity. When a normal person puts on the uniform of an agent of the government they are corrupted instantly. So why are we not bringing them down? is it not a case of self-presentation for us to remove a government that commit acts of violence in our name.
    Consider the royals, why are they almost worshipped by some, they are just other people and realistically have no power over us and should have no say in how we live our lives. We have to stop living under the illusion of authority and the religion of government.

  • Are you fucking kidding me you’re fucking with Military who serve and protect the country & the & the reason you doing it is ridiculous you say you taking pictures don’t you think you want to help the United States by not taking pictures of a military facility you fucking dumbass you’re a fucking disgrace as a citizen & disguise the United State’s, fuck you and everything you stand for

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