Fundraising Ideas For Non-Profit Organizations: Capacity Buildig Grants

How to fund a not for profit. The life changing work you are doing is important and must be sustained by creating a solid fundraising and development plan. This video is a follow up to our discussion on capacity building grants and provides a few tips for researching national and local funders in your community.

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  • hello…y name is nancy, i founded children are a precious gift from God, in. years ago! but have never sought any grant…simply because i didn't know how…please help….i don't even have a website. thanks, kindly💗

  • We are working with disadvantage community, Marginal Farmers, Sustainable agriculture, Food security, Disaster Risk Reduction, Research on Disaster Management, Research on Disaster Education, Context with : Climate Change. But it is very small range. If you have any kinds of scope to work together for Bangladesh South-West Coastal Region then pls let me advise to : [email protected]
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  • Mrs Brumfield, thank you mucho for your tutorial and info-session on Fund-Raising Ideas. I have recently started a youth development program for youth and young adults called The Make It Right Project Org Corp, and am in the process of gathering a list of funders that are supporting the work I do, and your video is very instrumental. Again, thank you for the time taken to pay it forward. Your kindness does not go unnoticed. [email protected] [this note sent from my Dad].

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