Global warming ‘threatens Swiss Alps’

Scenes of glowing expanses of blue-white ice could soon be a thing of the past. At least in Switzerland, where the ice is melting on one of Europe’s biggest glaciers.

Scientists warn that within 80 years the sea of ice now known as the Great Aletsch Glacier could be reduced to a body of water.

Situated on the south side of the Jungfrau mountain, the 23-kilometre-long mass is the longest in the Alps.

Global warming is said to be greatly endangering Switzerland’s 1,800 glaciers, almost all of …

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  • Global Warming is only imagined by those who want to see it. That is a particular political crowd that knows almost nothing about climate science. And the less they know, the more sure they are of their position.

    The scientific case linking human emissions of CO2 with Modern Warm Period falls flat when people realize that previous Warm Periods (that were warmer than today) had nothing to do with human emissions or with CO2 from another source. Previous Warm Periods went by names like Minoan, Roman, and Medieval.

    As to the Climate Models, most scientists, even Alarmists, are fully aware of their inability to correctly forecast the Global Temperature over the last two decades. That means they are essentally useless.

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