Green Flutes (1984): A Documentary About Activism and Social Conditions In Glasgow – (part 1)

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This is a documentary filmed in Glasgow and Ireland in 1984. It uncovers the sense of community and solidarity with the people in occupied Ireland through participation in the James Connolly Flute Band. This documentary was filmed in Govan, Priesthill, Larne and ?Sighthill?. It touches on the scourge of joblessness, low-wages and deprivation at a time when Glasgow industry was under heavy attack by the Thatcher Government.

The people of Glasgow speak out against the Tory regime who’ve cut their jobs, humiliated their women (via welfare) and decimating a whole generation of young people.

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  • I've been looking 4 this 4 fuckin ages. My auld granda sapper Boyle and my uncle Danny Boyle. Its mad looking at them as they were then. But so glad I found it. I joined the connelly band about a year after this film was made. And used 2 love going over 2 Belfast every year. Great memiories and can't wait 2 show my ma this. TAL. H.H

  • Granitecity cocksucker Aberdeen is the shithole of Europe , the men fuck sheep and the women fuck the men , you are all inbred mutants who drive tractors and wear bright 1980s shellsuits acting all " casual" fkn mongs

  • You would have thought they could have stretched to getting the wee fella at the front who was throwing the pole up in the air , a pair o breeks that fitted him.

  • Most died of Cancer because Asbestos Dust just like ma Uncle Jimmy Nicol in Fairfields Yard's,lived in Hutton Drive and his ma my Auntie lived faceing the Tunnel part. Loved going to Govan when growing -up in Sunny Glasgow that i left at 18 : )

  • why is priesthill in this so called documentry whats it got to do with the secyerian bile of norn iron i stayed in priesty for 25 years even got a mention at 38.12 on a council shutter on the tenaments great place to live in the 1970s before the crap from govan got i n couldnt leave your washing out all day or the govan snowdropppers would have it they even stole a pram from the shops at priesthill avenue probably ended up in shaw street in govan manky inbred nit infested scum

  • love seeing ma wee granda. Sapper Boyle. and my uncle Danny and Ann Boyle. and my auntie Ann Marie Boyle. i joined the band just after this was filmed. and went to belfast shortly afterwards. i remember that pub. the blackstaff. we used to play a few tunes out side it before we went home to glasgow. great times.

  • What a load of pish is fairfields the only place to close in the west of Scotland .Always the victims fuckin pathetic if you want work even then you looked you got it but 84 the kit really was a easier option for a lot of boys in the schemes.

  • Sure I know the Orangeman at 10:24…don't want to mention his name, but a Springburn/ Balornock guy? If it's him, sound dude actually…

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