GWT: UK troops discover Iraqi compound, Kenyan aid workers comment

1. Various shots of British troops in armoured vehicles on road to Zubayr
2. Various shots of British Black Watch troops at coalition camp near Zubayr
3. SOUNDBITE (English) Lieutenant Angus Watson, British Army Black Watch Regiment:
“Militarily it’s very confusing for us. There is no set enemy in military uniform like ourselves out there. The enemy is dressed as civilians, mixed in with the civilians, and to our eyes is part of the normal population. It’s only until they start firing at us that we can react to it. We can’t be pro-active and try and identify them first, we have to be reactive.”
4. Various shots of APC driving at base
5. SOUNDBITE (English) David Shira Mukaria, Kenyan aid driver:
“They beat us and take all, everything we have – money, everything, we don’t have anything.”
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Jakubu Maina Kamau, Kenyan aid driver:
“Like this (showing how his hands were bound) – three days – the legs and eyes. Then we sleep on the floor.”
7. Various shots of Kenyans with reporters and troops at base
8. Various shots of British troops checking IDs of occupants of car at checkpoint
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Sergeant Robert Barnet, British Army Black Watch Regiment:
“When we initially first came here, there was a lot of bad feeling towards us. They never knew what to expect. And we were meeting militia on quite a few occasions. But as the days went on the civilian population started to realise that we’re the good guys here, and now when you drive about the streets, the civilians talk to you, they wave to you — the kids love you. So.”
10. Various shots of coalition troops at abandoned Iraqi training camp on the outskirts of Zubayr
11. Close shot of soldiers boots walking on portrait of Saddam Hussein labelled “Please Wipe Feet” in marker pen
12. Various interior shots of alleged torture room, including a metal chair tied to a wooden bench, a bed frame, and a large bath
13. Various shots of piles of Iraqi chemical protection equipment


British troops from the famed Black Watch Regiment are trying to secure the coalition hold on the town of Zubayr, south of Basra.

Although troops in the town on Monday said they faced a difficult battle against an enemy that was difficult to distinguish from Iraqi civilians, they also said that relations with local people were improving.

Iraqi resistance in the Zubayr area has come mainly from Ba’ath milita fighters and Fedayeen paramilitaries, usually dressed in civilian clothes.

On Monday, it emerged that the Black Watch troops had rescued two Kenyan truck drivers who were kidnapped 10 days ago outside Zubayr.

Talking about their ordeal, the Kenyans told reporters on Monday that they had been kept kept blindfolded, with their hands and feet bound together and without food and water.

David Shira Mukaria and Jakubu Maina Kamau were abducted by Iraqi militiamen after becoming separated from a food convoy heading for the southern seaport of Umm Qasr.

Local townspeople tipped off British troops that two men were being held about 300 metres from the British camp in the town.

Troops were sent to check out the reports and entered the school, expecting to be met by armed resistance.

Instead, they found that the building had been abandoned by the militia and the two men were found in one of the classrooms.

British troops in Zubayr also investigated what local people said was a training camp for pro-Saddam paramilitaries.

The site was abandoned, but the troops uncovered what military officials said may have been a room where Iraqis questioned detainees.

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