Haitians Need Aid Workers and Food

More than 2,000 Marines arrived in Haiti today. Theyre joining the 1,000 American troops already on the ground there. Meanwhile, some leaders are criticizing the United States saying they should be sending doctors and food, not men and women with guns. Eva Golinger talks with RTs Kristine Frazao about concerns with the presence of troops in Haiti.

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  • "…the streets would be safer if their necessities where meet"

    Utopian idealist appeals like this is always the last resort of the utter intellectual corruption of leftists.

    With this little trick they are able to get away with their clear and conscious decision to disregard reality.

  • ¡Viva Eva! Esa es la diferencia de visiones: USA cree que a los pobres hay que eliminarlos, Venezuela cree que hay que eliminar la pobreza.

  • I'm surprised the US hasn't start bombing Port-du-Prince. Or send in the hellfire equipped drones. All in order to stem the violence of course.

    While the US has taken over the only airport and turns back planes with aid, doesn't allow them to land, the interviewer asks why we should question the motives?! My god..

  • Yes, Like she said the countries are doing what they do best. The only thing the USA does anymore is military engagement. Look at Katrina also. The USA has become a military with a country attached to it.

  • "our strength and swiftness in humanitarian action in Haiti"

    O is that what its called now? It was called Freedom in Afghanistan, Democracy in Iraq and now the US is bringing "Humanitarian action" to Haiti.

    The US soldiers took over the only airport and didn't allow planes with aid to land you ignorant f#ck! They reserved the airspace to bring in more troops and guns. The only gdamn thing the US knows doing any more is invading and fucking up other peoples countries.

  • The US is no longer a country interested in helping or giving AID. They are interested in confiscation and to take over a country in dire straights. They will do this will military might…
    I hope all other countries see just have corrupt the UN and there NWO is… Time is over to wake up it's time to take action!

  • F. Haiti!? Welcome reactionary low life types. Were you paying attention? In 2004 the US abducted a democratically elected president. Of course, I know that was far in the past(Since you were probably just born yesterday.). Now wrap your little minds around this. I was born in 1947,that was the year that Haiti finally payed their long term debts to the US banks for the money that they were forced to borrow in order to pay to France to gain their freedom from slavery in 1804.

  • the military is 100{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} needed in the street, the security is completely broken down. WITHOUT SOLDIERS NOW, the doctors are totally at risk. Obama does not want to occupy haiti, quit complaining and send aid. This event in haiti is the worst disaster, even worse than the tsunami. That said, we could have gotten LOTS OF AID to haiti MUCH faster.. the military messed up another disaster. We should have MUCH better disaster plans. peace to all, BRAVO RT for being INDEPENDENT MEDIA!!!

  • Fuck the American governments! The Americans are responsible for destroying Haiti before the earthquake. Obama get the fuck out of Haiti!

  • correct me if i'm wrong but isn't france also responsible for helping your counrty fight the british i could be wrong

  • but we should not dwell on the past and focus on the present……………..why deny aid that is completely insane. America gov should be ashamed.

  • Wow……wow……America, you are damn if you do and damn if you don't. No matter how much good you do, you will always be torn down by some liberal twit from within…….what a shame.

  • And Americans believe that their military goes around the world helping people and that the world should be grateful to them. Americans are delusional.

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