How the Global Warming Scare Began

A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was Senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years.

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  • The idea of "Global Warming" was born at the Rockefeller Estate in Bellagio, Italy in 1968 as a justification to reduce the entire world's population and establish the United Nations as a One World Government.

  • you might be right but thinking that we as human ,can not affect and contaminate this planet enough to see a difference well …… keep going ….. we have the technology to improve the quality of our lives and planet , you americans should know it well considerind that you are the people with higher percent of getting cancer cancer that comes from all kind of pollution , food ,ect….
    believe it or not ,we got to make a change

  • California has a drought every 11 years or so. Hmmm, kinda lines up with solar cycles. The again, the Sun has No impact on Earths climate, because the Gov's can't tax it.

  • Just an excuse to raise taxes and spray us with chemicals on an ever increasing daily basis..Ban geoengineering ☁ – – – ✈ ⚠ 💀 We are not lab rats..

  • +John Coleman Still waiting John. And you are admitting you are a liar, because your inability to respond proves you are.
    +ЯunΣ Wreck'Em1 month ago
    Still waiting for John Coleman to post links to peer-reviewed scientific papers he's written, as requested earlier multiple times in this thread. So John, none of us can find any actual studies you undertook or were involved in.. so where did you practice, exactly, and for which university?

  • I believe that this gentleman has a lot of preconceived notions and incorrect premises that have been taught to us all since childhood.

  • You better be careful or you will be walking down street and you will be shot by thugs (The Clinton Obama gangster hit squad) .Accidents seem to happen to anyone who attacks liberal PEDOPHILE elite.

  • You really want to die, did you just call it bad science ,and refer to it as fake news, see you later ,the criminals are waiting out side your house.Your probably going to be robbed and shot like reporters In pizza Gate Clinton Gang scheme .That's how democrats opponents get dealt with .

  • +John Coleman Still waiting John. And you are admitting you are a liar, because your inability to respond proves you are.
    +ЯunΣ Wreck'Em1 month ago
    Still waiting for John Coleman to post links to peer-reviewed scientific papers he's written, as requested earlier multiple times in this thread. So John, none of us can find any actual studies you undertook or were involved in.. so where did you practice, exactly, and for which university?

  • CO2 frenzy attention dis-tractor, china burn coal have no spending on fume cleaning dust particles in high atmosphere causes accumulation of rain we have droughts and pour in wrong locations, they have burning coal technology like England in 18 century. That ignorance of C02 distracts people from water quality, rivers , drinking water air quality by pesticides and herbicides. Volkswagengate showed that car industry also don't bother in expensive exhaust cleaning technology.

  • Every natural disaster is now blamed on global warming. So what they're saying is if we stopped global warming we would control the weather and never have another hurricane or drought or major storm? How can people be so gullible and beyond reason, it's the hysteria and blatant exploitation of events to spin a narrative that bothers me the most, it's dishonest and very non scientific.

  • computer models can only say what you tell them to say. i cannot get a computer to do anything its not programmed to do !!!!!!

  • Three 500-year flooding events in three years in Houston. Exactly as climate scientists have predicted for years. Warmer air holds more moisture, so extreme deluge events will become more common. You deniers having fun ruining our planet for civilization? I hope you're happy. You're no different than common vandals. You're also accomplices to manslaughter. Collectively, you're far worse of a threat than ISIS could ever dream of being.

  • It is impossible to change someone's mind with facts. That is why religion exists. I thank you for your honesty and integrity. You will always be a beacon and a sword against Fools, downright liars and corrupt government organisations. I do not flatter myself with notions of an elevated I.Q. but I think I have a spoonful of common sense. Thank you for standing up. I salute you.

  • Among the many deceptive lines in this horrible video is his pretense that the Arctic ice is "fine". I don't even get the ruse that he's pulling here, except that he shows the annual "S" graph because it obscures the startling drop since 1980. Here's that data in a form that actually shows what's NOT "fine.

    Pick any month of the year and look at the annual decline. This is a disaster. Brought to you by the false reassurances of liars like Coleman who have no business talking to the public.

  • Al Gore has made $400 million dollars scaring us about our energy use, all the while his energy use for his home is 60 times larger than the average homes energy use. This is fucked up. I don't hear the media condemning him as a hypocrite though. So anything coming out of Al Gores mouth about this issue is bullshit.

  • Oh man, you are so right about NO GLOBAL WARMING, if only you can wake up to the truth about the real condition of the earth as well – that it's not a spinning ball at more than 1,000 miles an hour. Half awake you are… what a shame.

  • When I went to college in my 30s in the early 1990s with the aim of becoming a scientist, I managed to go through most of college without hearing a word about "global warming," believe it or not. At the time it was never mentioned in any science course I took. But I did discover politically driven "science" used to support a political agenda before I finished and that became a soapbox issue for me I've used the internet for years to inform the public about. I became disabled before I received my Bachelor's of Science degree and my planned course could no longer be pursued. But it was shortly after that I heard about global Warming, later changed to "Climate Change" when the warming stopped and dug into it to make sure for myself. Since I had no career to risk I believe I was able to look at the issue with an objectivity few have had the luxury to do and concluded it was another politicized pseudoscience like the many I've seen before, mostly in the social sciences since my field sits astride both the natural and science fields and my training covers that as well.

    As you can guess, I've been among the critics as well online under an avatar and ruined more than one Global Warming apologist's day. That was back in the first decade 21st century. This summer I actually met an IPCC member scientist for the first time at an unrelated convention on something else entirely and boy was that an experience! When I admitted at a question from him that I was a skeptic he went almost totally out of control and his sudden hatred was visceral, so much so I don't think it ever occurred to him I could've had him arrested and pressed charges on him for assault. It was then I really realized what folks meant when they say it is a religion to these folks, though, some don't realize it as I know this man doesn't.

    The story has a better ending than that, but that's beside the point. For many years now science has been politicized. It started in the social sciences which are now pretty much worthless as a result except for turning out radicalized zombies and misleading the public. But it didn't stop there. You give those who watch this a nice little lesson in how it happened in the patch of science you call home, Mr. Coleman. But the problem is much, much, wider in scope across all academic disciplines instead of just that little patch of science. Since the 1940s the social sciences has taken it as an article of faith that there is such a things as a right-wing personality disorder and since then millions of dollars in government money has been wasted trying to prove it because the original models it was based on were left-wingers who'd been relabeled as right-wingers in the middle of the second world war right after Hitler, a left-wing buddy of Stalin's turned on the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa and invaded it.

    Medicine was turned to political use when the AMA declared gun violence a national medical problem and started misusing epidemiology to churn out pseudo-scientific studies in support of gun confiscation and its prestigious journals to promote it in the 1960s. So the problem has been around for a very long time.

    The good news is that people are starting to wake up and take notice because of professional scientists such as yourself and others who are on a crusade like the one Al Gore claimed to have taken the lonely road on to promote climate change to wake people up. And that's what it's going to take, is more like you speaking every where you can, even if all it is are street corners for some. I enjoyed your presentation and would like to ask if I can get your permission to post it on my YouTube channel with a little intro attached.

    Stanley Loper

  • My deepest thanks to those who have made opposing and unsupportive comments. He is a stupid insane lunatic who needs to be called out on the ignorant rubbish he sends out.

  • This is complete bullshit. Global warming from CO2 was first hypothesized in the 19th century before Revelle was even born and then the EARLY 20th century this idea was put forth to suggest man could affect the weather , that was 1938 and was dismissed , then around 1950 it was shown to be possible, long before Revelle…but the important thing is that the chemistry of greenhouse gases and how they affected the earth during it's millions of years of history originated in the 19TH CENTURY.

  • Stemmed from Chicago and California — Like Washington D.C., the Vatican and the London Square Mile, two of the gathering spots for the most corrupt, most criminal and most deceitful power hungry assholes in all of modern history.
    They back the United Nation's Agenda 21 and they do it for their dream — universal world kleptocracy —- for MONEY and —-POWER!!
    BTW: The Vatican has ALWAYS decided on science by a vote. That's why the world was flat for so long and that's why the sun revolved around the Earth.

  • I can't believe I've never heard of this guy John Coleman or his fantastic work (I guess what he says is not as sexy and popular as the bullshit from all these liberal alarmists), I consider myself an ignorant fuck now (not as much as Al Gore though; just look how that hypocrite called Revelle "a senile fuck" but then said he was "honored of receiving the Award given in his name).
    Fuck Al Gore, fuck Global Warming and fuck the sheeple that support either or both.

  • Belief systems are common throughout history. In themselves, they are worthy of study for the depth a width of how they have been "lapped up" and supported by the general public. AGW is simply the latest such human anomaly that has gone ballistic.

  • "And to those who call me names and demean me and the information I present, I know there is little chance I will ever change your opinion or your conclusion on the topic, but I want you to know:"
    If you told the truth and stopped telling lies you would have some credibility. Understand?

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