Humanitarian Aid: Generosity with strings attached – BEYOND BUSINESS

In this edition we look at whether international aid should come with strings attached. If you donate to a good cause, should you get a say on what your money is spent on? The European Union and the United States are the world’s biggest donors. But their approaches to giving are very different. The US, for example, often pushes for its aid contributions to be spent on American products. This is known as “tied aid”.
By Ali LAIDI / Julien Muntzer / Juliette IGIER / Mounia BEN AÏSSA / Philip CROWTHER / Stanislas DE SAINT HIPPOLYTE

Every month, the program tells a story of hyper-competition, a new kind of combat in which those involved, companies or state, confront each other mercilessly. In the studio, Ali Laïdi continues the d
Competition, economic combat, merciless confrontation between companies and states. The programme is presented by Markus Karlsson.

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