Humanitarian Aid Now an Act of Terror

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Holder in the case of Holder v Humanitarian Law Project. They voted to uphold the constitutionality of a federal law that makes it a crime to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations. But they’ve expanded the meaning of material support. Now we are no longer talking just weapons and money, lawyers, journalists and academics are now all in danger of prosecution. This is a massive blow to the first amendment. Alyona talks to radio host Thom Hartmann to ask him if the Supreme has taken another step in eroding American’s free speech.

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  • so this law means we can't supply israel with anything either, right? because all the massacures israel pulled off on top of the illeagle blockade means israel is a terriorist state.

  • Prosecute the federal government and anyone providing legal assistance to it. After all, the reason we have our country is thanks to terrorist/heroes like George Washington, Horatio Gates, and Nathaniel Greene. Seriously, can anyone give me any reason why the Patriots ought not be defined as a terrorist organization?

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