Humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico

Getting supplies to those in need in Puerto Rico is proving difficult. With nearly 3.5 million people without essential supplies including food, water, and fuel, the humanitarian crisis is worsening by the day. CBS News correspondent David Begnaud joins CBSN from San Juan to discuss the latest

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  • People need to stop waiting for someone else to help them and take it upon themselves

    Bulldoze the streets clear

    See what needs to be done and just do it, break laws if you have to, whatever it takes

  • My gransfather is suffering out there in puerto rico this would have never been a promblen if they were more congnect of these possibles promblens occuring

  • I've been watching these vids a while now and this reporter is so professional speaks very clearly and articulate, clone this guy and send them everywhere

  • A curfew?????? really?????????????? What about land line phones?? not one land line phone in puerto rico??? WHAT????? Looks like Puerto Rico was tranformed into a large FEMA CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fly drops ned medicin mad vand og alt andet få fingeren ud og bare gør det. Hvis i kan bruge trillion efter trillion på det i Afghanistan så kan i også gøre det her . I gider og kan vare ikke finde ud af det . UN bør overtage al hjælp her NU . Det er ikke acceptabelt at folk dør fordi i har et land styret af idioter . St der ikke er krisemøde i UN nu viser organisationens ubrugelighed . Den eneste løsning nu er godt nok UN airdrops og send NATOkrigsdkibe ind nu .

  • Puerto Rico's cop telling the truth about Hurricane Maria's aid
    Do we see the difference in PR Mayor not working and President Trump handing out meals in TX? These socialist make their situation worst by spending the aid they get on corrupt politicians and not on infrastructure, had they moved the old people to a safe storm shelter and been prepared knowing a storm was on the way the leaders and politicians in PR would look much better. What do the citizens of the USA get just more, more, more. Maybe the Mayor should be doing more, more, more clean up. Listen to the people of PR, their socialist government is the issue. The refuse to allow the food through to the people.

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