HUMANITARIAN NEWS – Pupils carry tonnes of food to poor labourers

In humanitarian news, United Arab Emirates’ students help the disadvantaged. More than 50 youngsters from Our Own High School in Dubai, accompanied by teachers and parents, distributed food packages to 1,500 workers residing in three camps. All of the school’s 4,750 pupils joined in the charitable endeavor. Within one week, they collected 6.5 tons of rice and lentils. The recipients expressed their happiness with the food supplies. The pupils also found the experience to be very rewarding. One of them, Afnan Siddibapa, who had contributed his savings towards purchasing the staples, said, “It shows that by ourselves we can do a little, but together we can help much more.” Kudos, Our Own High School students, on your compassionate project. May kind hearts and helping hands be extended to all friends and neighbors on our shared eco-sphere.

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