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I was contacted last year by a reporter for the Ashburton Guardian in regards to some animal farming issues that were exposed on the main stream media.

I was reluctant at first to contribute for a number of reasons however I changed my mind. I am unsure as to who gave her my name to speak to about this as there are thousands who have similar views to my own.

I lived in the area for a couple of years as a teenager and during that time I worked in a number of different jobs. The Ashburton District has a lot of farming and one of those jobs was in the dairy industry on farms.

I sat down with the reporter last month to be interviewed and the piece was published last week. The section was to be about animal welfare and included interviews with people from SAFE and MPI as well. My piece was to focus on the consumer perspective.

The reporter was suppose to email me the piece on me before it was published, however their collages went ahead and published it while they were away. Causing some spelling mistakes in my name and disappointing key points. But overall I am happy with it.

Many people that are unbiased on the matter have said it was quite neutral but still important. I can’t leave a link of the article because it requires a paid subscription to be read online.

Let me know if you want to read it in more depth and I could send you a scanned copy of it.

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  • That's an amazing front page, great job! You've worked in dairy farms and a slaughterhouse? That's quite a unique perspective you've got there!

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  • Nice looking in the bright side about the misspelling of your name, avoiding the scary angry folk o: I think it's so cool you did the interview!

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