Idealist Careers Talk: Careers in Nonprofit Communications

Jereme Bivins, Digital Manager – The Rockefeller Foundation
Ally Dommu, Strategist – Big Duck Communications
Michaela Monahan, Marketing Manager – Big Duck Communications
Jamie Smith, Communications and Network Engagement Director – Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
Veralyn Williams, Communications Organizer – Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC)

10:00 Q1. What surprised you most in the work that you are currently doing?

13:42 Q2. How has fundraising experience prepared you for a career in communications?

16:40 Q3. What are a few strategies for transitioning careers?

18:48 Q4. What are a few strategies for building a personal brand?

20:32 Q5. Was there a piece of advice a mentor gave you that helped you in building your career?

25:29 Q6. What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is interested in your field?


32:13 Q7. How did you get into freelancing?

35:35 Q8. What are your thoughts on being on a communications team in a larger organization?

39:37 Q9. How do you measure your impact in communications for nonprofits?

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  • I just finished up an internship with a non-profit organization and I loved it. I hope to use my communications degree with the nonprofit sector soon.

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