Inside Syria: The aid workers of Aleppo

An increasing number of British Muslims are finding their way over here to Syria – despite official warnings not to do so. Some come to fight Jihad, others say they come to support the cause with humanitarian assistance. A 27 year old activist from Essex,Tauqir Sharif, has been working as an ambulance driver in rebel areas of Aleppo.
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  • Channel 4 is reporting against English national heroes where they fighting terrorist all over the planet . With allies like Saudi Arabia which the entire government is on the name one family name al Saba . Hahaha

  • they keep saying they want to create Islamic Khalifa in bilad al sham.. and that will never happen because you can't build a country based on religion .. religion is between you and your God and Syria is belong to all Syrian … so the bottom line these Muslim fanatics will be dead in the end by the Syrian Army… God Bless Syria and the Syrian Army

  • Obviously they can't handle the Syrian army so they turn to Allah but Allah is not helping them either what can they do? I would say join the Syrian army and live in peace again that's a great solution for you if you do it.

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