Intimacy and Activism: A Personal Look at Our Relationship and the birth of THRIVE

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Recently filmmaker Ben Stewart made a beautiful short video for The People’s Voice about Kimberly and Foster’s personal relationship — a different window from which to see THRIVE and how it came to be.

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  • Love you both,, nice job  enjoy yourselves and as many others as you so desire.  Nice day in FL just watch girlfriends grand daughter sail a tiny tiny boat in river. she loves it.


  • Thank you for making this video. And thank you for the templates of your lives so that we have a model for success. 

    Example truly IS the best teacher.

  • At some point not poisoning the air water or soil has to headline not violating others for this approch to work.

  • Thank you, Ben Stewart, for making this excellent video! It confirmed my own reasoning as to why the Thrive movement has been so effective and infective. The Truth of Love does indeed beget Life!
    Blessings and Peace be with us all. <3

  • Right on!  You expect to get just a little insight about their relationship but then the video goes into deep concepts about sustainable love, very uplifting! 

  • Poem?: "This thought.  Hold this thought.  One word.  One feeling.  One life.  It's yours to keep, when you awaken..  We may have nothing to claim, not even you, not even I, and when the whole world appears to claim you, as if you were already dead, already enslaved, as if you were nothing.. listen to me.  you have nothing and nothing to lose or gain, except, and please accept my apologies.. I must part your hair, I want to place this one word on your forehead, almost, like an afterthought.. closer, there.. now.  there cannot be anything, or anywhere, closer than this.."

  • God made man in his image. Consciousness not physicality. Collective consciousness constitutes the law of attraction. The mind is a two way radio that attracts in what you project in full. God resides in the heart or more specifically the core energy of your Soul in the form of a tetras core located just above the sternum.
    Thoughts from the heart are a high vibration of consciousness that,s felt from the core of your life force just above the sternum, When you listen to the heart you listen to God. When you speak and manifest physical acts that come from the heart you accomplish the work of God even if you are Atheist or not in religious practice…Just listen and act act upon the heart and you will never be wrong or in fear of consequence.
    Anger, fear, greed and all associated feelings are a low vibration of consciousness that deceive you into doing the work Satan prefers.,
    The grim reality to this understanding. Is no matter the simplicity to the path to richness in life the heart brings when acted upon you can never win over the ones not in the book of life. You can only win back the ones living under deception by example, And the best way to rise above demonic manifestation through the hurtful deceptive deeds of others is to fight with Love, and Successful productivity. .
    I could say a lot more. but I conclude by highly recommending the teachings of Neapolitan Hill. He was exceptional for his

  • Meditation is the pathway to love and peace. I wish I had learned this sooner in life. I think the best thing is you inquire more carefully seeking a peaceful outcome to everything. Anger just goes away. It doesn't belong in us.

  • Thank you Ben for putting this insightful piece together! Thank you to Foster and Kimberly for Thrive, your continued stewardship of the movement and for being such a great example of what an inspired and loving relationship looks like. Love you both!

  • I realize I may have the wrong forum to post this question.
    I have watched your films many times over. They resonate with my heart, my soul and my mind. I have felt and thought the very same things the THRIVE movie is about for most of my life. It feels like home to find a group of people that have like minded interests and goals.

    On that note – I need to ask a very deep question, it does in many ways pertain to the above film. The formula of life, the accpeting of someone (how do I accept this situation) I wanted to seek guidance in a little more private setting than this open forum. I have searched the internet for an answer or insight but I cannot find anything that help my circumstances.
    – My question has layers.
    I have been married 23 years and have 3 grown children. I have been on my own spiritual journey to understand myself, the world, my place in it and how to find happiness. I am learning to accept, forgive and love unconditionally.

    My youngest daughter is 19 years old, she just told me she is pregnant and wants to take the abortion pill. We cried, we talked, I listened, she cried some more. I asked that she do her homework before making such a final life altering decision. She did – she shook through her tears, she said she couldn’t do it – I breathed deep relief. I told her, her father and I would support her and help her, she would be okay. I explained how I would help care for the baby while she finished school and worked. She cried some more, left her to be alone with her thoughts and to call my husband.

    He was crushed and scared for our daughter, we discussed how this would be her responsibility and how everyone’s life would change. He talked about the expense and the sacrifice on everyone’s part. He is right.
    We are still recovering financially – My husband lost his job and was unemployed off and off for 6 months. We lost our house, and moved to a new state with his new employment. We lived in that state for 14 years. Things have been hard for my daughter, she is taking online college courses – she has not met any new local friends yet, she has not found a job yet – She has been depressed and sad since Christmas of this year. She has plans to see a cognitive therapist – but has not yet made the appointment. She flew back to our old state to be with this young man, her father and I did not support her decision, she bought the ticket with educational money – ended up pregnant.

    I told my husband she had wanted to terminate, but I think have counseled her in a better direction. He said she was not ready to have a child. She is irresponsible and at the moment an emotional wreck. I agreed this would complicate everything – but I thought it was doable with the proper support system.

    I called my mother. She sided with my daughter. I was shocked. My mother and I have taken similar roads – they have been hard. She had me at the age of 16, I had one of my children at 16 as well. She said that my daughter has her whole life in front of her and if she has made this decision – I need to support my daughter not voice my opinions. She explained in her opinion that I need to support and love my daughter and let her make this choice. I told her I think that is our God given right to counsel our children in events both beneficial and to also counsel them on things that may harm them. I gave her my views that children were not property, they were souls that are put in our protection to guide them and bring them up, then we are to set them free but still continue to counsel them.

    My mother argued on my daughter's behalf and said this was her right to make this choice. I told her I agree, it is her right. But just because she has the right according to a man-made law does not mean the action is morally right. I told her how screwed up it is that very few of us are intelligent enough to really understand consciousness at a young age or to understand what a souls is– yet according to man-made laws we can legally can commit moral hell against our souls which poisons the mind with depression. The idea of abortion seems easy, you have the procedure and keep moving in life. Except you don’t get on with life, because it haunts you in a way that can actually keep you from moving forward. It’s supposed to bring relief but it tortures your soul. We cannot claim to be an intelligent species while committing vile acts again our own kind. We cut the cord or turn off life as if it’s our right to end that life. Only God has the right to take a life.
    I argued this would weigh so heavy on her soul, that it may kill her. This was very emotional conversation. There was no yelling or loosing tempers, she spoke lovingly and softly. She argued that because of my daughter’s emotional state it would be better to end the pregnancy and give her support emotionally now rather than have the child in her current state. I cried and told her she just didn’t understand. My daughter and I are have some similarities in our views on spirituality and in our overall emotional health. I see her depression and understand her deeply.

    I told my mom, 24 years ago I had an abortion. I had made my decision based on a place of fear. If I didn’t abort, what if he left me? He said he wasn’t ready to be a father, he had a child, I had a child – what if I drive him away? (I did not trust or believe in myself) I have battled depression in the past and when I would get severely depressed – I had always re-hashed and ridiculed my younger selfish immature self. My mom cried. This is my burden. I went against what I knew was right for the sake of ease. Doing the hard thing is more often the right thing. My mom re-iterated that my duty is to my daughter, this is her choice and that I may lose my relationship with her as a result (fear)

    My daughter leaves tomorrow 3:00am to fly back to our old state to live with this boy and his parents. She said she has her old job back and plans to save money. She wants to be with her old friends for the summer. (I don’t agree, I don’t want her to go, not in this condition)
    I told my husband I wanted to call the young man’s parents and talk to them. He said it not our place they are both 20 years old. I told him, that she is our daughter, she has had depression issues for the last 6 months, she is vulnerable and now she is also pregnant which will add to her depression. I told him, I’d like to introduce ourselves to them – thank them for the hospitality, exchanged numbers and contact info and then I wanted them to know my daughter’s state of mind. They are not aware she is pregnant. She will be living under their roof, terminating this pregnancy while living with them.
    My husband said he cannot see how they will react, he does not want to tell them, and he also said it will sever our relationship with her. I think the other parents who would be grandparents in this situation have a God given right to counsel their child. I would want to know if my child were hurting unable to come to me, I would want to comfort and counsel my child. (Do we owe the other parents this right to know?)

    I love my daughter deeply, I have prayed for a miracle of intervention or human will.
    I am in turmoil. I feel as if I am forcing my husband to take my side. He is understandably hurting from all of this. I told him, if he can’t sit next to me or be present when I call the parents I will understand. I told him, I feel so deeply this is the right thing to do, I have to do it. He said if I fail, I lose my daughter.

    We all have perspectives: The mother, the father, the daughter – the grandparents of the unborn.

    Here is my question. My husband and I are divided on reaching out to the parents of the young man.
    I love my husband, though our views are different. If this blows up in my face and she has the abortion and I have told the parents

    Can my husband still love me? Can he allow me to act on this if we differ in opinion?
    Can my daughter forgive me? I don’t want hurt or pain for her – no matter which road or which choice – it’s very painful.
    I can do nothing as my husband suggests (I can usually go along – but this is unbearably hard because my mind understands if I go along – I keep the peace. My heart rules my mind – there is conflict between my mind and heart)
    I can separate the deed from the person. I understand we all have a path.
    I feel the abortion decision comes from a place of fear.
    I fear losing my daughter

    I would love advice from Kimberly (mother’s perspective) but also from Foster as a father because there is not much in the way of intelligent opinions from a father’s perspective about this delicate subject.
    I am grateful to both of you for sharing your perspectives and for collecting and sharing information for the world to share and collaborate with one another.
    We truly live in fantastic times. I don’t travel much, but thanks to the internet we can research any curious topic, when I was little – we waited on books to come in at the library if they weren’t available. Today, you can research anything and connect with people from anywhere.
    Thank you again

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