Israeli Special Forces Abduct Aid Workers – Spirit of Humanity

Video smuggled out of Israel that captures the Israeli Navy threatening to open fire on a boat containing human rights activists. It dramatically shows the moment Israeli Special Forces illegally storm the boat, arrest the occupants and confiscate the cargo of medicines and toys destined for the besieged people of Gaza. WOULD THE “SO CALLED” INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TOLERATE SUCH BEHAVIOUR IF IRAN WERE TO ABDUCT HUMANITARIAN AID WORKERS ON THE HIGH SEAS???

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  • It seems that the Isael government wants to get rid of the Palestinians. They have their own plans to "free" Gaza

  • This was,nt even on mainstream News in the UK – yet again Laws of the world don,t count if you are Israeli .

    Victory To all those who Fight for freedom and Justice !

  • I would like to be a humanity aid worker, and somehow this doesn't change my mind. However, the UN should be doing something about this matter… but i don't see it happening anytime soon.

  • this to let the whole world to know how is the killer they do it in 2009 and now 2010
    where is the free mind letting 2.0mill people with no aids , this must but in the world records for the largest jail in the world.
    iam with u modaclubs ,to bad that german didnt finish the job and releaf the world from this cancer

  • ROFL you found weapons in Gaza and thats against peace? Israel was a state created in a place that was an ALL PALESTINIAN STATE. The nukes and biological war agents that Israel have are for peace keeping measures though right? Get your facts right, you pro-zionist, brainwashed schmuck.

  • What where those idiots traveling during night time for "supposed" humanitarian aid? They must have had a death wish. Even those fools should've known how tense things are there!!! A–holes!!

  • They deliberately went into these waters to challenge the naval blockade, had plenty of fair warning from the IDF and were carrying building supplies, which for the most part are on the items banned list, (the IDF had their own justification for inspecting the boat)-the crew would have known what was coming……just the facts. At least this lot weren't irresponsibly carrying young and elderly into this risky situation, unlike the more recent flotilla incident.

  • Did you so also state "to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza?" Well if you are challenging an Israeli blockade what did you expect a pat on the back and nice send-off? Idiots, a challenge means you are saying "I dare you Israel" so of course the Israeli navy will defy your challenge and engage you. So don't complain.OK?

  • @raheelanwar89 You are the brainwashed Arab shmuck. Israel existed long before Mr Mo (false prophet) and Islam ever existed. You are not Palestinians, you are Arabs from Arabia that came during Saracans and the Ottoman rule. King Samuel, King David and King Solomon ruled the land of Israel even before Arabs set foot in the region. Palestine was a Roman name invention even before Arabs knew it. Get your history straight you imbeciles.

  • @Farfoor04 Really? You lob rockets into Israel and when Israel threaten to go in and kick your smelly arses, you run to Egypt and the UN and ask for a cease fire with Israel. You're the greasiest slimiest monkeys on earth. You are cowards that throw stones from behind fences and walls and worst of all behind women and children. You are cowardly worms that dig tunnels to smuggle arms and kidnap soldiers. Cowardly men that hide behind masks. I detest you!!

  • @modaclubs The war ended because the allied forces kicked your anti-semitic arses and your fuhrer committed suicide.

  • @Farfoor04 So you are Semitic are you? which Arab or Israeli? If you are Jewish then you worse than the Arab Muslims and the Leftists propagandists. There are Jews who hate zionism. In the Bible they are called the Hamans (nearly Hamas). All they wish for is peace at the expense of their own people. You people want to achieve peace by killing the Jews and driving them into the sea out of "Palestine" as you wish to call it.

  • haven't heard about the "human right activists" since 2 years. WHERE ARE THEY?
    or this kind of provocation doesn't work anymore?

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