James Clementi Chooses Compassion and Activism After Brother’s Death.

After the tragic death of his brother Tyler, James decides to live a life of compassion and activism.

(Gay | Tyler Clementi | Activism | Compassion) [TV-PG]

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  • I watched the whole thing with a lump in my throat.  Tyler's passing was such a tragedy.  I can never forgive his room-mate's actions.  Sorry.  Never.

  • One of the best videos your channel has presented. Would love to know and for you to investigate/interview Dharum Ravi today and hear his views and view point.  Did he ever apologize to the Clementi family? Has he met with James or his parents? Was 30 days a sufficient sentence? Such an important case merits more in depth review for all of us who are LGBTQ and were heartbroken by this event.  Thank you ImFromDriftwood and thank the Clementis for their work. 

  • I read about Tyler while doing a project on lgbt youth and I was so sad to hear about what happened to him. People can be so cruel🙁

  • This is too terrible–Tyler Clementi had a gay brother? I thought Tyler was all by himself dealing with the public humiliation of his situation…

  • I feel badly for you and your brother for what you both went through. You are remarkable in being yourself and feel the dignity and peace you have. Thank you. I'm a bit of a mess now and helped me hold on.

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