Joe Pags Destroys Man With Best “Global Warming Is A Hoax” Rant You Will Ever Hear!

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Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

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  • Global warming is unprovable when the only data you have is about 200 years worth. In order to say there's "Global warming" caused by man you would have to have 1000 years of data of man's effect on the Earth. One volcano can belch a cloud of ash and put out more pollution in that one event than every single car in the world over 100 years. That's been proven by a group of vulcanologists around 10 years ago. Look it up. There is no global warming caused by man.

  • We know for a fact we have had five Ice Ages, so you would all be frozen stiff if we did not have Global Warming to change those Ice Ages to a more comfortable level. Climate Change has been with this planet for 4 billion years.

  • This caller is not a Conservative. Leftists lie and deceive daily to push their agenda. Plus, Conservatives and Libertarians believe in logic and debate but don't believe in Global Warming because all of the data has been proven to be flawed or falsified to…wait for it…push a Leftist agenda (global taxes and control)!

  • be very sceptical when governments tell you "there IS such a thing as climate change  and we are now going to TAX YOU for it!"

  • It's interesting how shock-jock shitheads don't..or won't..understand or mention epochal global warming and don't or wont understand ambience physics. And people…everytime you see or hear somebody evoke "common sense" you can bet your balls it's a pitch to an audience with limited intellectual wits.

  • its fact that ice glaciers in the antarctic were decreasing in size and melting away in the 1890's. also in the 1700's lisbon portugal was hit with an earthquake which caused candles in peoples homes and churches to topple causing the city to burn, only to then be hit by a tsunami all with a 24 hour period.

    there was no global warming back then. but a simple storm like harvey comes along and right away its being blamed on global warming.

  • Greetings from South Africa well done well put bloody brilliant keep going the HOAX is falling apart and we are laughing here in South Africa. 🙂

  • Go to snoops and read all the articles on climate change/hoax. Very revealing. Me? I believe in the certainty of emergence, we'll see and punishment will be dealt out accordingly LOL!

  • Co2 is 4 hundred parts per million of the atmosphere. That of which man is responsible for a small percentage. That 4 ten thousanths of the atmosphere sopposedly responsible for trapping the climate change heat. ?????????

  • Joe Pags is spot on! Whatever caused the ice age to end is probably the same reason it is warmer today than it was then. This can only mean an ice age is in Earth's future.

  • Global Warming !………Tell a lie,tell it often enough,and people will believe it ! It is is the way all wars start,and the sheep follow !

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