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Nonprofits in the U.S. generate $1.1 trillion every year, which is more than the entire economies of Saudi Arabia and Sweden combined. “Know Your Sector” is intended as a resource for nonprofit employees, volunteers, and donors to better know the impact of your sector.

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  • @gmc33147 – But we didn't. Not that I've got anything against Movie Maker, but we used "Motion" software, as indicated below. :-)

  • Thanks so much. I will show this to my Intro to Nonprofits class tomorrow, and from hereon out…. great teaching tool.

    Nikki Zeuner

  • @cyntioshin – I created the video as a free resource for donors, volunteers, board members, and nonprofit leaders. I'm hoping to educate folks about a number of misconceptions generally held about the nonprofit sector.

  • Great video. I'd respectfully suggest that it needs to emphasise the flow through of non-prodits more rather than the worth of the big guns – which makes it appear that the sector has vast resources – that it multiplies the donations given to it, whether through the taxes we do pay, or the employment, services etc provided. Not to whine or cry poor, but demonstrate value.

  • @encore1913 – I conducted extensive research – investigating a variety of public resources – to produce the "Know Your Sector" video. A complete bibliography can be found as the original/first blog entry at the website mentioned at the end of the video (i.e. the philanthropy reports website). I'd put the direct link here, but youtube doesn't allow links in responses. Thanks for your interest.

  • @lnjwilcox18 – I like your comment. I specifically chose to juxtapose organizations like Planned Parenthood and the NRA to demonstrate the diversity of the nonprofit sector. It ranges from conservative churches to liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood – indeed nonprofits are often at odds with their missions.

  • It definitely amazes me the variety of non profits.

    P.S. You can put the link in the "description" of the video to avoid miss typing it.

  • And yet we have no power. Nonprofits are stressed and nonprofit workers and leaders are burning out. I call on the leaders of the nonprofit sector to organize themselves, their workers and their constituents to elect candidates to office in 2014 who will support a Human Agenda. We've been on the Corporate Agenda long enough.

  • Fabulous! Thank you for taking us the challenge of communicating what nonprofits seem unable to stop to do for ourselves. This important work.

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