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  • The WTBTS can no longer transmit ANY communications without them being leaked and EXPOSED for the absurdities they are. Haha! Bethalites/Overseers/Elders/Rank&File, ALL LEAKING everything, because they know it's all a sham! Haaaaaa! The G.B is Pissed! Ha!

  • It's not a religion, its a magazine company masquerading as a religion, that trial took place against Russell, now its more of a real estate company, still masquerading as a religion.

  • Hello from London, England! I was never a JW, but I know some who is, and the arguments we have had! Oh how devious his answers are, oh how he lied! This made me investigate the cult and oh how my heart hurts for the damage they are doing to families with their shunning. Oh how fanatical and dangerous they are. I am so glad their are activists like you guys trying to help, well done to you both.

  • Yes! The GB and their minions are stupid , that's why I've always believed Cult is a money laundering tax shelter scheme for a secret select group of well off family insiders..
    I say look onto the finance department, and follow the money.

  • You are wonderful!!! You are everything BUT stupid people! You're very smart so I'm wondering how the h… did you get caught up with them?

  • How did you realize it was all a lie? What video can I watch? Are you affiliated to another church today? Evangelical or something? Thank you for your response! I'm discouraged for my mom and sister (+ hubby) who are in the 666 club since 1984 (Big Brother year lolll).

  • How about GB members sell a few of their rings and other "toys"…that will cover a whole lot more "disadvantaged brothers" too!
    Twerps!! 😠

  • I see the Sheep Invitation is now visible. It was covered over with a card before, but its been moved so its visible now. Thanks!!!

  • The only reason the watchtower exists in the first place is because they have vasts amounts of money …members giving their real-estate when they die ……and investing in stocks and shares….take away the money ………the power goes….

  • So funny that my Aunts don't remember exactly why they spoke about the talk with the witnessing being done and one of my Aunts said that she agreed in the fact that it's wrong they don't call cops with molestation. Didn't hear the part of the fact the witnessing work being done. I need info on that again if anyone can help me an point this out to them.
    All of this change is supposed to be to better things as my Aunt said. Who couldn't remember Warwick being the new head quarters.

  • But omg the elders are Princes and Kings. Gag!!! No shit Wayland Michigan expressed themselves as the princes of Jehovah and not to ever go against or question them ever. Ughhh

  • There isn't any Congregation that I've heard of or have been that has not had someone tell me that they were molested or df'd wrongly.
    Shut em all down damn it. I'm so over it.
    I guess, she (Kim) had the same coffee I did. Haha.

  • My Dad an Mike would have had fun. An lots of coffee.
    If he was still alive I assure you we would have to have a three way call or him come to Texas and then have visited y'all.
    He has been doing what y'all did years an years ago. Just didn't have the web to get this done.
    I wish he was alive to be able to see this all.

  • Frick yeah the IRS knows. An yes they did work internally. Didn't ya know the basement had vaults full of money????????

  • If they gave a talk an I could be there to give a thumbs down an a boo when they ask for a resolution I would. This all makes me sick. I keep commenting and then hear more an have to comment more lol 😂

  • Isaiah, which scriptures an thank u Mike & Kim
    Acts 8:37
    Ronans 10:9
    Just putting these out there for others an for who i share this with lol

  • That's one thing too my husband said why is there a "Might" be saved if ppl always say once saved always saved lmao 😂

  • Jehovah's Witnesses bible studies you do not need to answer 100 are so questions by elders in order to get baptized. Unlike the Watchtower, Phillip was guided by Holy Spirit to help the Ethiopian to understand what he was reading about Jesus Christ. The Ethiopian had to believe that Jesus fulfilled the Isaiah OT scriptures! Then he got baptized.

    Cults want people to believe that they are the ones chosen to understand the bible and to teach you. According to the Ethiopian story only one understanding was needed. That Jesus was the good news!

    Phillip never said that the Ethiopian had to believe that Phillips teachings were the only true chosen concept, and to follow Phillip as his Spiritual mediator between Jesus and him.

    Phillip taught about the good news of Jesus! So when scriptures state about this good news of the Kingdom it refers to Jesus Christ.

    I liked the police officer, and thank goodness elders are going to the police to turn in crimes.

  • LOL, to answer Mikey's question how — — —- did they ever become governing body members? Easy, they have money connections, they have education, and they are already wealthy, true minded businessmen with avarice desires masked in the rhetoric of cult speak, they know how to make money grow. And that's my answer on how these fellah's are in the GB position. Just watch them give themselves the good handshake.

  • Follow to its ultimate conclusion. Congregations who cannot keep up with monthly expenses once their 2 -3 month cushion is used up will be first on the list to be dissolved

  • last year they got little north of 1 billion $ , at the end of 2016 they touche 450 million $…
    AND as of january 2017 they still own around 1 500 000 000.00 $ UN SOLD LAND AND BUILDINGS

  • The Gedeons Holy Bible , does not omit Acts 8:37 , it does not even mention that other versions do , how cool is that , Its a bible I stole from a Holiday Inn Hotel shhh dont tell anyone 😀

  • I'm sickened that these elders will willingly give over the $$ in the congregations bank accounts. If they hesitate the CO will chastise & threaten to remove them

  • So, I had lunch with my brother today, he's been an elder for 15 years.  He told me there is no two witness rule, and for the last 15 years they (the elders) call the police when a child comes forward.  Which I know is a lie.  I pointed out, that me as a victim, and can speak for the fear a victim has in coming forward. I told him our stepfather threatened to kill my little sister if I told anyone.  And what child is going to go to anyone outside the KH?  They live in fear of the outside world. Why lie to me about the two witness rule???

  • Kim and Mickey….think bigger. These pedos child traffickers goes all away to the top. Watchtower is a piece of the puzzle. Watch for the Podestas/Clintons/Bushes/Saudies crime cartel. It is very dark and very deep. Watch for more shootings etc. to deflect from the mainstream narrative. They are about to pull some really crazy cards to take your attention away from the truth. #Pedogate

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