Launching a Nonprofit: Effective Program Development

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Danielle Lanyard, CEO and Founder of Green Breakfast Club moderates this panel discussion on effective program development with Diana Ayton-Shenker, Founding President and CEO of Fast Forward Fund Peter C. Fusaro, Managing Director of Global Change Foundation and Risë Wilson, founder of the Laundromat Project The panelists discuss their start up story and how they successfully navigated the research and development process to create sustainable programs that benefit their community. This is the second of three panel discussions in our Lessons Learned series featuring case studies of real organizations.

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  • Would you donate to a nonprofit that creates a noticeably significant social impact by helping people whose career and calling is to help more people in need all while providing a service to you that makes you even wealthier than you already are? If so, keep reading and if not continue reading anyway.

    My model for creating sustainable social progress involves marrying for-profit investors to a nonprofit. We have to create a cycle that allows people who donate money to get a return on their donation while being able to make a significant impact by helping people escape poverty and improve their lives. It can literally pay to help people.

    The cycle of giving and receiving:

    I'm in the process creating a nonprofit that receives donations from investors and depending on the amount donated they will receive services that help them create more wealth and freedom for themselves and for the people that provide services to them.
    As a nonprofit we will recruit, hire and train low income individuals to provide business support to investors. For example, if a real estate investor is in need of generating more real estate investment opportunities then we will hire and train people to become real estate wholesalers who will provide marketing, negotiate deals, estimate cost of repairs, calculate the after repair value of properties and perform the overall due diligence and analysis needed for investors to make informed decisions.

    Some would say this is what is already being done. No. The huge difference between this and a real estate brokerage or an investment firm is that we are a nonprofit that specifically targets low income individuals that are interested in becoming social entrepreneurs and investors and provide with support and jobs that provide services to investors and investment companies that donate. Investors help the nonprofit, the nonprofit helps low income individuals and low income individuals help investors. This is a complete win, win win collaboration. A complete cycle of progress for all and not just a few.

    To make the greatest social impact ever we must tend to the whole person spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally physically and socially. So besides just creating jobs and the ability for low income persons to be self employed and own their own business as real estate wholesalers, we will offer a full array of support and services to them, their families and their communities.  

    Because of taxes a soldier receives food, housing, clothing, training, insurance and a job when he/she joins the military. Because of taxes a student can receive a full scholarship that pays for food, housing, insurance, tuition, fees, books, and even a job. The point I'm making is that the right allocation of funding is crucial. We have to take care of the people we choose to help and they have take care of the people that help them. We help train and support soldiers so they can help protect us from people who want to kill us while we shop, cheer for our favorite sports team, go to work, raise awareness, and enjoy the benefits and freedoms we sometimes may take for granted. We educate and support students so hopefully they find ways to use their knowledge to be productive citizens. Why not help and support a nonprofit that specifically helps and support people who are passionate about helping and supporting more people. 

    Besides receiving donations from investors, the nonprofit will generate income from its own mission related investment activities in order to be even more financially self sustainable and not have to rely on donations or even use any type of government funding. We will use the money to provide access to healthy food, fitness coaching, housing, insurances, transportation, build the best public schools, provide jobs, education, business development services, financial coaching, life coaching and other services that help the homeless, low income and disadvantaged people to reach their full potential and better their lives. It takes for people not not be greedy and selfish. The people we help will have to agree to give a portion of of their profits back to the nonprofit so we can continue the cycle of helping more people.

    We help people explore their calling and purpose in life while we provide them jobs, education, housing and many other supportive services that tend to their mind, body and soul. In return, the disadvantaged people we help will work with investors and other people who donate to the our nonprofit so they too can become wealthier and experience even more freedom. Everyone wins; wealthy individuals and companies can now have a better way to help poor people achieve financial freedom, live their calling, reach their full potential and live healthier more fulfilling lives. 

    We've heard of the concept of "Flip My House"  so I call this a "Flip My Life" program. where people volunteer to join our nonprofit membership to become social entrepreneurs and impact investors. We aim to hire, train support the people that are passionate about helping people.

    Eventually I would like to start what I call a Social Investors League. Similar to any sports league that use monies to televise and support teams and sporting events, then we will definitely raise money to televise and support the Social Investors League where local and international teams compete to make the greatest impact on global progress ever. 

    Supporting a nonprofit that recruits, educates and supports homeless, low income and disadvantaged people who are passionate about helping people by way of social entrepreneurship and impact investing will be the catalyst that accelerates progress for more people in need than ever before. 

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