Libertarian Caller: “Global Warming is Bullshit,” Epic Debate Ensues

Libertarian caller ‘James from the South’ calls in to debate a number of libertarian talking points and throws in one we don’t believe we’ve had from a Libertarian caller before…”global warming is bullshit”…

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  • 8:45 no no no there are millions of scientists around the globe. But again if you manipulate a few thousand on your payroll to say what you want them to with a bogus consensus and threaten to not fund them and end their career if they disagree, you will get your political money grab. Not to mention brain wash a huge portion of the population to go along with it because most people do not have the time or the care. they just go "hmm wow 1000 people said this and they are scientists, okay yeah that must be true". All the while they never stop to ask: What kind of scientists?, what was the consensus based on?, Can I see the evidence?… All that aside however it really does not matter because consensus does not make fact nor does correlation equal causation. So even if they get a bunch of people to agree the world is flat that does not prove it no matter how smart those people are. Nor does it prove that the Earth warming is caused by Co2 just because you can pump some into a fish tank and show it traps heat better than other gasses and give it a cool name like Green House Gas. It is a possibility based on the correlation but in the same way that the Hamburglar stealing burgers is a possible reason the burgers keep shrinking. You cannot ignore doing your due diligence in exploring all options and facts. Co2 is barely a blip.

  • "The federal government has no purpose except of course to use the entire budget to go to war to protect my lily white pasty ass.. The only way to keep us safe or protect us here is to bomb brown people somewhere else. But health care, food and water can't save you"

  • and there we see it again. rearing its deceptive head for brief moments. the topic of land / property. it's the heart of the libertarian movement.

    that's where you need to focus on if you are going to destroy the monster. i'm calling libertarianism a monster because they are the recruiters for the right. reaching pass the middle and snatching our progressive souls to devour.

    can we ask if this guy is a Christian ? or is that going too far.

  • Another semi educated white guy who doesnt understand the base basics of the economy calling in to announce to the world that libertarians are ignorant. Lean on those trigger words you dont understand and vomit all those loaded political terms you dont understand. Question: what would you cut? Answer: OMG!

  • Tell this dumb ass dude to go and live near a chemical factory or a coal mine.
    He doesn't even NEED to believe the scientists or the Global Warming for that matter! He can just open his crossed eyes and see their literal & actual effects on the planet with his own dimwitted eyes…
    Better yet he can be the one to get the CANCER caused by that factory's pollution.

  • This idiot talking about how businesses wouldn't last very long while imposing segregation needs to learn some history. Segregation was successful for 100 years.

  • setting politics aside… people really need to understand how science works. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous things. I've at least accumulated enough knowledge to know that i don't know. Let's start with that!

  • Libertarians in America are tedious and cheap…and ignorant of the US Constitution….and federal law….and history…I gotta get off of this roll or it will never end.

  • and by the way..every empire has fell..I mean look at Rome right?
    well that lasted for 1200 years..i think we got time.

  • 30,000 scientists now debunk global warming! and as to the 2,500 UN signatories that authenticate global warming, well due to the UNs struggle to attain that number a vast majority were not even scientists, or even informed on the issue. Infact some of the signatories have even changed sides, but their name still remains.

  • Wow… this guy has a very hard time understanding statistics and numbers.

    "It's not getting hotter!"
    "But 8 of the hottest years in the past 200 have been in the past decade"
    "But that record only goes back 200 years!!"

    ….how do you argue against someone who refuses to accept what numbers mean?

  • Scientists and their silly models with dumb probabilities. Woolworths did just fine prior to the Civil Rights Act. The guy from the south should read a bit

  • The US military considers anthropogenic climate change to be the most significant threat to national security. They consider climate change deniers a threat to national security. If you deny climate change you hate the military and you hate America.

  • "Canada is colder than Mars this year"
    Anyone remotely familiar with climate understands the difference between local and global temperatures. Northern Canada has extreme lows and Death Valley, CA has the highest temperatures on Earth.
    Plus, Mars' average global temperature is 100°F lower than Earth's average global.

  • Yes, with reference to 'Global Warming due to C02 emmissions' specifically however Climate change is definately a factor, records are being broken both in high tempertures and low tempertures, where it is dry it is really dry and where it is wet it is really wet though media reports concentrate mainly on increase tempertures. In NZ now it has been the wettest winter since i was a kid, 30 years ago.

  • Well these Global Warming deniers crack me up, because after our Ice Age what was the cause of the ice melting, Volcanoes spewing Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere which warmed the Planet and caused the ice to melt, and coal is the same thing and this guy's a loon and a knuckeihead

  • Having listened to a number of these libertarian callers to Sam's show, it's striking that they are all dominated by one thing: money. Every caller is obsessed with money and tax. Is that what American libertarianism boils down to: the 'freedom' to make as much money as possible? It's a very narrow definition of freedom. Being human is much more than a financial transaction, but I'm yet to here any of these callers go beyond economics and taxation to discuss a fully coherent philosophy. None of them have explained how they would resolve conflicts of freedom between individuals, for example; nor how they would avoid corporate tyranny in an anarcho-capitalist society. All I'm getting from them is they want the right to make as much money as possible and pay no tax. Is libertarianism just a lust for money disguised as a philosophy?

  • Actually, James From The South is making a positive claim that "Climate Change" is a hoax. The burden of proof is on him to show the evidence of his claim. I hear no evidence, therefore his claim is immediately rejected until he provides proof.

  • Trillions and trillions of dollars in debt? True. Now, ask where the money is that America borrowed in order to be in this debt.

  • The top 1{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of wealthy people in America truly are being paid by the poor.

  • A doctor diagnosis you with cancer…there is 99{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} chance you will die in 6 months with out surgery and chemotherapy. You get 96 out 100 second opinions that all say the same thing. Of the differing opinions: one denies that you have cancer; another confirms that you have cancer, but say it's benign; and the last confirms you have cancer, but thinks there is nothing that could be done about it and if there were, it would cost too much. You now dead. Six months goes by pretty fast.

  • I'm pretty surprised people like this actually call in. I guess they just can't hear what they sound like from other perspectives. Good lord.

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