Living on an Offshore Oil Rig

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Working on the sea and living on an offshore oil rig. Let us discuss that what is the experience say about working offshore?


Working on offshore, for example, you went there by helicopter. So you need to have the practice to live on the sea. You also have knowledge about the flight of helicopter and first aid training.

Working hours

Working timing is 12 hours. Day shift for 12 hours and night shift for 12 hours. Many workers work for 2 to 3 weeks nonstop and then take rest for 2 to 3 weeks. It is the bad luck for people who work on offshore that they are far away from their families. So they have to skip function and funerals.


Pay depends upon the value of the company, your health, and experience.It depends on how much work you do and what is the status of your company. How much they can give you for that post.


From few years a company has made some development to make the Offshore accommodation better. But still, need improvement to make it better and easy living for workers.


It is difficult for workers to contact with their family. For this satellite phones are available so workers can call at their homes.

Food and Medical

Food is given to workers. There is also the medical facility for workers as they are doing a tough job so they need medical facility anytime.


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