Mark Levin: Global warming is a fraud, which is being perpetrated against the American people

(August 01 2017)

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  • If the leftist are so concerned about the "climate change" problem, one easy thing they can do is simply plant trees and plants. But see, they are the ones who cut down trees and clear plants because they block their view. Every time I see someone cutting down a tree, without necessity, I shake my head that they have NO clue that they are, in reality, taking oxygen out of their own lungs. Try telling a 'climate changer' to plant trees, and see what that gets you. Its actually fun.

  • So called "climate change" is just income redistribution in disguise . . . our wealth given to third world nations at the behest of the UN folks . . . It is pure BS . . . .

  • Wast majority of global warming denial on youtube is from the United States. Your fossil fuel industry is really powerful. Misinformation campaigns are good investment in the land of the stupid.

  • The Earth's climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. All of a sudden the ctrl-left is demanding I pay the Govt an ever increasing share of my private property and individual liberty, all based upon the silly notion that the climate needs to stop changing? Who again are the climate change deniers?

  • Shell, Saudi Aramco (the world´s largest oil company, ExxonMobil and Schlumberger, the world´s largest petroleum industry support company have ALL admitted that atmospheric carbon emissions by human activity have serious climate impact and that they, the companies, are taking action to reduce their, and their client´s, emissions. they have "fessed up you can´t believe oil companies, those paragons of virtue, whom can you believe? 🙂 (old geologist)

  • Al Gore just went on CNN and said Rain Bombs are exploding Glaciers and you should go to the Doctors and it's causing Tropical Diseases in that order,i am not making this up there's a video of him saying it.Al Gore and his globalist gang want money to pay for their corrupt plans,which could be The New World Order,or something else who knows but i'm pretty sure this climate thing is about money.If there is something wrong with the climate i want 100{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} proof before we give these corrupt liars anything,and so far there isn't any proof that the climate is going bad.

  • Australia is currently destroying its economy and impoverishing households due to the Great Climate Swindle.

  • It was Australian climate scientists who travelled to Antarctica to investigate the melting ice and instead got stuck in heavy ice for weeks. Caused a real laugh Downunder. A Russian icebreaker had to finally rescue them. Would have been useful and cheaper to keep them there.

  • The atmosphere extends to the far reaches of the exosphere which is 10,000km above the earth. A little over 17 and a quarter trillion cubic kilometers of atmosphere surround the earth. If the whole worlds population could physically fit, with a small plot of land on which to live, on a area of land the size of Texas , HOW could that much atmosphere be influenced by a speck of land on the surface of the planet?The sun increases the surface temperature of the earth by 20 to 40 degrees between day and night. Carbon dioxide makes up .0004 percent of the air you breath, AND what you exhale is, Carbon Dioxide. Volcano's produce more Co2 than humans could ever produce.

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