Massive Disparity Between Military and Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Rania Khalek: External players in Syria spend much more fueling conflict then aiding refugees

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  • There's been and upsurge in various claims that would drastically alter the outcome of the Syrian conflict.

    During an unannounced Saudi-Russian meeting, leaks have surfaced indicating Saudi bribery with oil shipments at low costs; in exchange for the Kremlin abandoning their alliance with Assad!

    Saudi prince Bandar bin sultan has even reportedly threatened the Russian federation, insinuating he will authorize Chechen militants to attack the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi if they don't comply.

  • great reports always from rania khalek — yet — please tell her to do away with all the aaams and empty aaaas that litter her speech; they distract from the well researched input she presents — i write this in earnst as i find myself rewinding many, many times to catch the content. with all my respect to trnn and all staff and contributors

  • At the risk of being cynical, what else is new.

    Humanitarian aid is considered money down the rat hole.

    Arms and military aid? Now we're talking!

    All that aside, I come here to get the real news.

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