PART 1/2:
We take the streets of London once again and ask meat eaters to respond to a confrontational Vegan Sidekick image.

“If McDonald’s served dog burgers, I’d be pretty pissed.” – selective compassion in Trafalgar Square. Why love dogs, yet eat cows?

PART 2/2:

I’m joined by Banana Warrior Princess & Rebecca Pawsey, channels linked down below!


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  • Being fifteen, have not eaten meat in a year and really, really trying not to eat any animal products but I can do it, it's just when I get like Fry's or something, you can't be sure if it has something from animals in it or not, it's annoying, so pretty much I eat as little as I can

  • I love your videos Ed! I am slowly moving from vegetarian to vegan. Your videos are really informative and challenge societal views and norms! 🙂 Keep posting videos! Thank you!

  • After watching a couple of these I have to wonder – when you're going around asking people these questions, have you ever met someone who's already a vegan? I imagine it wouldn't make for a thrilling interview, but I'm still curious.

  • Basically a lot of people eat animals 'because everyone else does.' And secondly they are seriously uninformed about what we eat. Which is why I always talk about the nourishing vegan foods I eat 🙂

  • I love all your videos! it's shocking that people are able to live their lives totally brainwashed by the system, that people aren't willing to change because it's "just the way it is." being vegan has to be the most frustrating part of who I am because it's so difficult knowing what animals go through, yet as much as you try and have rational conversations with people about what's happening, there are so many people who just don't care or are completely unwilling to change. but yeah, love all your videos! I totally laughed when those people said that anything that isn't meat is "basically a leaf" 🙂

  • I was once a meat eater… but god I was never stupid like that. I wouldn't blame people for eating cats or dogs and I wouldn't have said we need it…. fuck their stupidity

  • I like the guy at 1:51 's response. I'd like to hear more of his thoughts, he seems more open minded, from the brief moments we saw of him. The girl at the end though, her responses were interesting too especially because Gary Yourofsky comes from a Jewish background himself.

  • when people say it's their choice to eat meat and vegans say "no its not your choice" what does that exactly mean? i made the choice to go vegan, but when i was a meat eater, i made the choice to eat the slice of meat rather than put it back down and eat more potatoes. i think when vegans say its not your choice to eat meat, that means that it's not your choice because you BELIEVE you're making a choice because society has been telling you your entire life to eat meat and that you need it. they've been telling you what choice to make, so you forgot that you have the ability to actually choose something else. am i right orrr

  • i love that you are doing that, i am really impressed and also gratefull but it always drives me crazy and mad watching your videos – the ignorance is soooo huge and the non existing education, the self-justification, the stubbornness, honestly that mass- stupidity 🙈 you do a great job, please teach me how to be so calm in educating f***ing ignorant people!!

  • Im so inspired by the way you approach people in the most non judgemental way possible so noone feels threatened and doesn't get emotional.

  • I know laughing is just a defense mechanism but the way some of these people laugh when they say it is wrong but that's just the way it is. its the same laugh. They all have it. Its the ignorance is bliss laugh. It's a laugh that just slaps you in the face realizing just how arrogant they really are.

  • I bet you 10 bucks that Jewish girl was a hiloni Jew. She wasn't even wearing a tichel. I wouldn't be surprised if she knew nothing about kashrut laws.

  • You always know the right words, thank you for spreading the message in a good and effective way! 🙂

  • They giggle and start to hunch over or avoid eye contact when they realize its wrong. Most of them say its wrong then add a "but" as well… Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  • Haha, I've been vegan for over two years too, veggie for over 5 years and I'm still here, thriving. In fact much better than I used to be. I lost my gallbladder from eating meat before and was not in good health as much at I liked to think I was, which is what most meat eaters think themselves as well but they aren't.. Until they have that heart attack or get cancer and wonder what went wrong .

  • About the "Basically a leaf" segment, and though I'm in no way defending the indefensible here, but strictly for the sake of argument, presenting vegan junk food instead of an actually healthy vegan diet (plant-based, non-processed, not hydrogenated, not manipulated, i.e. basically REAL FOOD), that attempts to persuade through appelative means, as vegan junk food is still processed, packed with laboratory chemicals, high in fat, sugar, salt; in other words, it's bad for you, just as unhealthy as non-vegan junk food. Falling into rhetorical appeals is beneath veganism; there's no reason whatsoever to resort to untenable, unreasonable or unjustifiable propositions, that's left to them, we don't need to go that low in order to be able to deliver compelling, sound, irrefutable arguments as proof of the moral superiority of veganism. There's no shortage of legitimate arguments to be made, so there's no point in getting dirty with bankrupt arguments as the opposition does.

  • It's interesting to me how the Jewish girl, although she was resistant, seemed to understand better than anyone else the wrongness of animal slaughter. It's like how Israel now has the largest percentile of vegans compared to any other country just because of Garry Yourofsky's speech. They have an empathy that others don't because their people have been persecuted. Most people in Western countries have difficulty being empathetic. We want to keep our eyes closed and live in our pink cloud.

  • Justifying eating meat by saying it tastes good is like trying to justify rape by saying sex feels good. Your tastebuds do not justify the murder of animals. Just how your sexual needs don't justify rape.

  • well done guys, But I think a picture is not enuff for people need to see the reality videos will make a difference show them video how the animal is torture and kill !

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