Mosul: Start of a humanitarian crisis? BBC News

The offensive to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State fighters, has left more than 20,000 civilians without a home, according to UN officials. Iraqi special forces, pushing deeper into the city, are encountering more and more people who’ve survived several years under IS control. Our International correspondent Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway are travelling with Iraqi forces. There are graphic images in their report.

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  • It's a human tragedy for the innocent! Why not a more psychological type of war?? NO DISABLING UNHARMFULL GAS TO DISABLE SMALL POCKETS FOR 1 hour??? Those jihadis can't stand pork pork products – how about spraying pockets to be freed with pig's blood??? I am sure that with patience and well planned cutting off supplies etc. How about suits with a certain picture – all over – would the jihadis still shoot at it?? Do Anything else to possibly save more INNOCENT lives should be designed.

  • Britain is complicit in the suffering,But guilty of absolute hypocrisy..we destroyed these countries based on the treasonous lies and Hysteria of Incompetent past Politicians following the rules of the Zionist puppeteers and bankers,the suffering you see,we created after 9/11..And we should all 'know the truth' there!

  • Arabic husband has raped his wife every night and forced her to follow local ethnic traditions.. what a crime!
    That's why brave american soldiers for half a year were prepairing to start preparations to start final preparations on offense on Mosul and ofc weapons was sent to ISIS cause terrorists have rights to be prepaired too…

  • What were these individuals doing living with ISIS for years? Why didn't they flee sooner? Could it be maybe they supported ISIS because they're Sunnis? They flee now that the Kurds and Shias they have been killing have shown up. Now it looks like Erdogan is trying to send Turkish troops to rescue his terrorist friends so they can continue attacking the Kurds for him.

  • 1.2 billion Muslims and they do nothing about a bunch of r'apist and murdering jihadists. But god forbid someone draw a cartoon of Muhammad, then they find the courage to go on a rampage and call on the death of the "offenders"! Mass R'APE and murder of their own at the hands of their own Muslim kind apparently doesn't seem to bother them. Barely a few stand up to the scourge but they so because their own sect is being threatened. Other than that, the majority of Muslims are morally bankrupt and lack the courage to do anything good for humanity. Muslims have no shame, too busy worrying about women being covered and cartoons.

  • These are are the same people who get attacked, denied a decent humanitarian treatment and are victims of the racist hate speeches of UKIP, AfD, FN, FPÖ, PIS & all the other white nationalists in Europe.

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