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  • We did this for a few hours today. I often do it alone – leaflet with signs nearby on the ground or hold signs for awhile…but have a real job so cannot do as much as needs to be done!

  • Tons of shocked looks, opens eyes so that they may do more research solo. Leafleting alone here I target youths but miss most people in general due to so many so signs can reach more. Also, many dont take it-even younger tourists who are normally curious-either shy or because of so many leafleters for businesses and vendors so after awhile they ignore us all. Im at eye level in the main intersection so get more attention than billboards in NYC Times Sq. PETA should do this more not a volunteer?

  • Look up my highway signs videos (you can/should do it too)
    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=XcabMmMZ14w&feature=related

    houstonhelpanimals @ yahoo

  • Peta sucks, no field activists in bigger cities with all that money! They should be doing this not volunteers killing ourselves leafleting all the time and promoting when not at our jobs. Of course most just dont do it either. AdoptaCollege (dot) org by vegan outreach is a much better group that needs the help more for animals.

  • Im sure if they (peta) did do it though, they would have a big gimmick (someone laying in a meat tray) trying to get a 10 second edited clip mocking us on a small news station that a few thousand may see rather than just giving what we want (graphic/factual) info to 1,000's each day! Just let people know the truth too for a change – that would have got me to change sooner. So glad peta is not doing grassroots stuff, in big cities, rather have nothing be done at times

  • From MFA: Thanks, Casey! At this point, I have one intern who splits leafleting duty with me. She's out today at Herald Square, which is a great touristy spot we do often. We do anywhere from 900-1200 in a couple of hrs. We've done Chinatown once, but it wasn't great. Very low take rate and comms problems. Port Authority 1100 leaflets yesterday under 2 hrs. Coney Island is a refreshing change of pace. Very diverse crowd and an unusually high take-rate! Also Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.

  • MFA: mercyforanimals (dot)org/events (dot)aspx?state=NY Wish you had more volunteers! I dont have much time to explore other areas of the city very often with work, but plan to focus on Colleges soon, which is easy to do alone, but so many will not get done. I havent had a chance to even check for youth events like pop concerts at MSG. Also, big city events like pride, cancer walks, farmers markets too many good spots and no helpers or time. Times Sq is okay, want to do Today Show TV signs!

  • Great work, the only thing I would suggest to the guy in the video is to maybe dress very casual/formal to give a nice image to our campaigning. well done either way.

  • @irishveganboy I hear you, the only issue is that I am trying to appeal to the 14-20 age bracket and some ink and muscle helps reduce some myths I think. Also, with so much competition for attention standing out is good. I dont want to look too corporate like its a job, rather look like a volunteer so they realize they can help too. I dont know though, maybe you are right tho, in winter it will be more pants and coats.

  • @VeganMotorcyclePilot good thinking, anyhow stay focussed and keep your attack on the animal abusers and try lay off peta and hsus ect we've got our work cut out trying to fight animal abusers let alone ourselves.

  • @irishveganboy I think it could have a huge positive impact if those resources were steamlined and better utilitized so if improved could be well worth the attention reaching millions more teenagers with a quality message thus millions and millions of animals saved. I think constructive criticisms are much needed to improve and re-think our approaches.

  • Economic connection: greedy meat industries promote for us to consume more baby cow milk and cooked flesh with commercials that brainwash us. It is not healthy, vegans live longer! A) It would save our health care system billions (obama even did a vegan outreach video – look up). B) Our environment. C) Billions of mammals tortured in sick abusive/unsanitary factory farms MeatVideo (dot) com. D) End World Hunger-feeding our corn/grains to animals only yields 1lb of flesh per 10lbs of feed…

  • @stealtHHunter223 what are you 10 yrs old? What next, a rapist or child molester bragging online? You are also disrespecting yourself stuffing factory farmed, hormone, steriod, antibiotic infested cooked flesh which will likely lead to heart disease.

  • @stealtHHunter223 You lack logic. Nobody said that they were smart or not, but that they do suffer the same. So we should torture the mentally retarded or immature idiots online as yourself – joking. Seriously, if you hunt that is much better – factory farms are the worst and you missed that basic point as most do, Meatvideo (dot) com.

  • @stealtHHunter223 ture that would be a great start. I think hunters cause much less harm than a grandma going to a store or fast food and buying factory farmed meat that are tortured. I think we can agree that they are inhumane. I say if someone wants meat they should at least hunt for it. On that note I think hunting for sport or hanging the head is a bit crazy, its taking a life and should be humble about it if some do it for necessity or food.

  • Harlem NYC has my fav Vegan resturant – 'Juice Bar' with tons of good buffet style foods run by local rastas. Brooklyn and Manhattan have over 400 vegan mor mostly veg places – vegguide dotorg to search for places anywhere in the world.

  • MUST SEE – MeatVideo dotcom on sick Factory Farms! Humans eat more cooked flesh, bodily fluids (baby cows milk-freaks) and birds periods (eggs) and animals (mostly small birds/fish) than ever in history and from the cruel and nastiest Factory Farms!

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