NH: Controversial activism beats boring activism….usually

Sponsor: – NH: Controversial activism beats boring activism…usually.

Some of the video in this clip is probably available 4 you to use commercially. Basically any part of the clip that has the URL “RidleyReport.com” burned into it at the bottom or was obviously shot by me. That is released into the public domain by me. Or it was public domain to begin with. If it says “YouTube.com/WinWinParty” at the bottom, that means the same thing.

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  • they're getting me good video that i use to attract people to the manchetser area where we *have* accomplished. what is it now… four free stater reps elected here or is it five… plus the sympathetic board of alderman member our guys helped elect. It does seem a lot more progress politically than Keene has.

    I don't know why their politicians don't like Free Keene… they created it with their People's Republic approach to governing.

  • I guess you missed all the work being done with freedom of the press, trying to hold judges accountable. Like Ridley said an active salesman gets sales.

  • I may not agree with everything, and at time have mad fun of you, but I have subed and the more I learn what your doing the more I understand the Movement.

  • Members of the liberty movement shouldn't be quick to call out "assault".

    Also, look at how many kids are gladly taking the pamphlets.

  • 5 minutes I'll never get back. This makes no sense. Are they annoying? Yes they are. I'm waiting for them to start peddling to elementary school children. What a sad thing to do. I'll be glad to see them go to jail one at a time.

  • 3:55 – 5:15 so MANY GOOD POINTS! On both sides! My hat down, Dave. I also hope the Keeners will learn to develope the 3rd cilinder as well. But even untill that, I will still aplaud them and defend them at least for the 50{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} they are doing well (in my oppinion).

    Also I must say that watching Keene activist has taught me a LOT how to and how not to protest, deal with local authorities, make my points, get public on my side, etc. Both by settling a possitive and a negative example.

  • They already do peddle to elementary kids! The area in this video where he elderly women "assaults" him with a stop sign; they are standing outside the Keene Middle School. That's grades 6-8. Kids as young as 10 have to deal with the people all the time.

    Also, they do go to jail but are released on bail quite often. I have family who work within the county jail that tell me all about their antics when they're being detained.

  • That's very sad. They have no business approaching children. They can't get adults to listen to their rhetoric so they turn on to children. It just goes to show you how much their twisted and morphed ways have deteriorated. The one is looking at 25 years for wire tapping the other fruity pebble has 12 charges against him. The sad thing is when they all get out of jail and are unable to get a job, they will want SSI even though they didn't contribute anything.

  • Right…..Like there is anyway anyone is going to actually go to jail on any of the wire tapping charges.
    As far as bothering people at a school, I don't agree but who am I to judge what some idiots want to do with their spare time.

  • That's cool, you don't judge them for handing out stuff to students. I'll judge them for doing that, because they get students in trouble. If not for CopWatch and this "Ademo" asshole, two high-school students wouldn't be in the mess they are (1 expelled, 1 with police record). Ademo sent these students a video and encouraged them to video the police at their school, and even interviewed them and put the video on CopWatch.

  • If someone sent my kid a video and encouraged them to fight authority figures at his school, I'd make sure that he was brought up on charges of criminal solicitation of a minor.

  • You come across as someone who is running an "America's Funniest Activist Videos" rather than someone who's serious. How are you going to get anyone on your side that may be on the fence, or are you only trying to attract oppositionally defiant, over-priviledged, under-parented youth?

  • @0:59 "I don't wanna be on the internet!"

    Damn. He keeps yelling it. But gets shutdown hard, every time another person watches this. LOL!

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